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My DUI was dismissed; can the DA re-file charges in the future?
In July of 2013 I rear-ended a car at a stoplight and was charged with failure to reduce speed and a DUI (this is in North Carolina.) After two years of this being continued by the state, due to cops not showing up and blood results not being back yet, the DA dismissed the DUI and I pled guilty to the accident. I started thinking though; when my blood results do finally come back from could the DA re-file the charge? Also, how would I go about getting the charge expunged from my record? Would I need to hire a lawyer again?
In NC, it's a DWI. Get a lawyer to check to see if your case was voluntarily dismissed "with leave" or not. If...
A 17 year old with a previous traffic PFJ just got a DWI. What will happen in the courts?
Wrecked the car and got a DWI and underage drinking ticket. What sort of punishment are we looking at and is expungement an option?
The short answer is yes. However there are many factors to consider when looking for an expungement. I would protect...
In N.C. is there a statute of limitations on DWI with failure to appear warrant that is 16yrs. old?
I went through a license ck. in another county.Was let out on my own recognence I went to 1st court appearance,was laid over. 2nd court date,my ride did not show .I called a lawyer that I knew in go over and explain,but judge had already issued warrant.The warrant was never served to me,so I went to Yadkin co. sherriff dept., to get it took care of.They told me they could not find said warrant and it had been sent back to Forsythe co.I asked them to get it sent back here so I could get it took care of.A few days later,I go back to see if it was sent back and they tell me it had been lost-cannot be found- this was in 1994.I called the forsythe co.clerk and they could not come up with it either.Later,in 1999,inYadkin court,the DA drug it up-still didnt get served-they just let me go..
Generally, warrants do not expire. The warrant likely still exists. The best way to find out is to have a third...
DUI , extension and travelling
DUI on 21st october 2016, case still pending noy convicted yet, visa is expiring this sep , have to file extension. 1. do i have to tell my employer 2. any problem in Extension , do i have travel to india for stamping before extension or before september after my extension.
1. You do not need to disclose the information to your employer unless the forms specifically asks for information...
How much could I get for my drunk driving case?
My grandma, friend and I was hit by a drunk driver. We were injured and our car was towed. How much could we sue for?
Depends on a plethora of factors...potential coverage...possible dram to have it...
Will being in the Marine Corps help me get a job if I have a DUI?
I got a DUI a few weeks ago and my EAS date is coming in a year and a half. I already paid the consequences (NJP) but I was wondering how bad the DUI will look on my record when I get out. The main question I have is since I served if it will make it easier on me to get a job with the dui on my record.
It's near impossible to predict how a potential employer would react. There are just SO many different variables to...
DUI and visa revocation
I got DUI last year and after 2 days i recieved an email from consulate sating that your visa has been revoked and you may not be elgible for the visa and send me the link to reapply . My case is still pending not convicted yet . My I 94 is valid till sep this year but when i checked my arrival departure history it shows exit on the date when i recieved the email from-consulate for revocation. Questions 1. Any problem in visa extension which is due this year and what if i get convicted during extension. Should i continue fighting the case till i got my extension. 2. As my visa is revoked so do i have to travel to india before september for stamping irrespective of my extension . 3. Should i tell my employer . 4. It is for sure that visa revocation and DUI will lead to RFE.
Be mindful of the immigration consequences of convictions