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If the DOB is wrong on the initial breathalyzer, is that a valid document? can charge be dropped?
was not actually seen behind the wheel. and dob is wrong
I don't believe that one typo, in and of itself, would likely warrant an outright dismissal of the charges, but I would...
18 year old friends got drunk, one dared another friend to shoot him , friend did, kid got life flighted and survived, charges?
Friend that got shot doesnt want to press charges, friend that shot the victim has gotten in trouble with the law while he was a minor
Friend needs to contact and retain an attorney ASAP. There are several charges that could be filed with significant...
Would Dubble Jepority aplaie to drunk driving?
Getting a drunk driving in one state an paying all your fines there. Come home and loose your license for not paying an reinstatement fee and a fine in anouther state?
Double jeopardy, which bars prosecution for the same crime, does not apply to what you wrote. You are not being re-...
Can you have a DUI expunged from your record In Michigan?
1st Offense January 2000 2nd Offense January 2008
The short answer is no. In addition any traffic related misdemeanor conviction becomes part of your permanent...
Does BAC at the time of driving calculated using Widmark's retrograde extrapolation method matters in Michigan DUI cases?
I am a male that was tested with 0.08 BAC by DataMaster DTM 1:46 minutes after detention. I finished my last 16oz draft Oberon with 5.8% alc/vol at 2:15AM. Using Widmark's retrograde extrapolation method with average elimination rate of 0.015/hr, 184Lbs weight it results with 0.068347 BAC (or 0.07 if rounded). I have a bank statement showing my tab being closed at 2:04AM. Even with finishing the drink exactly at the last call 1:45AM (which is impossible) this would give me BAC at the stop time of 0.076. Does this argument have any weight in Michigan courts?
A retrograde extrapolation can be a winning argument, but it is up to a jury. The evidence would need to be presented...
I went to jail, for 2nd DUI eleven years apart When originally arrested I was refused a lawyer, I saw the prosecutor
I also was sent the probation officer to my cell, I. Asked for a lawyer, I was told it was up to the judge. I went to the country jail for three weeks was released on bail, pending probation, I didn't start my probation, or go see my p.o. in August 2014 I turned myself in, when I got in front of the judge, I didn't sign my advice of rights form, the judge asked me why I told her I didn't understand my rights and wanted a lawyer, she then asked " what don't you understand me white? I told her I just want a lawyer she then begin to ask me questions, were you driving intoxicated on Oct 2nd 2013 on telegraph etc, I said yes she said are you then in fact guilty of driving intoxicated I said I guess she said I'm going going take your i guess as a guilty plea Ther's more to the story I did a yr
So, what is your question? You have given your version of the background but there is no question asked so there can...
I was arrested for a DUI in 2012. I was curious if it would disqualify me from being a probation officer?
When I was arrested i was denied a court appointed because they said I made too much money. But, I couldn't afford an attorney. I took a plea and after pleading guilty the judge told me that they made a mistake and I could have a court appointed attorney. However, at that point I had already pleaded guilty and didn't see a point in paying a court appointed. I was in school to be a probation officer prior to getting arrested, but was working in a different field. I stopped going to school as I assumed it would disqualify me, but i would like to go back to school and want to know if that's still a viable option.
Ask the agencies you are going to be seeking employment with there policy.