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If the DOB is wrong on the initial breathalyzer, is that a valid document? can charge be dropped?
was not actually seen behind the wheel. and dob is wrong
I don't believe that one typo, in and of itself, would likely warrant an outright dismissal of the charges, but I would...
18 year old friends got drunk, one dared another friend to shoot him , friend did, kid got life flighted and survived, charges?
Friend that got shot doesnt want to press charges, friend that shot the victim has gotten in trouble with the law while he was a minor
Friend needs to contact and retain an attorney ASAP. There are several charges that could be filed with significant...
I just got an dui what do I do now?
It's my first offense ever and it was in novi Michigan and my friends say they are a very harsh city
The very best thing you can do is invest in the best and most experienced DUI/OWI attorney that you can. A lot is at...
How does a restricted license after an OWAI conviction work?
My questions involve a restricted license following an alcohol related conviction. First, if the license is only for school, work and medical purposes how can you fill your car with gas? Second, if you plead guilty to a local ordinance called Operating While Ability Impaired or "OWAI," do you need to get an SR-22? Third, do I need to take any steps other than pay the reinstatement fee in order to get my license back after the period of restriction? I really appreciate any advice that you may offer. Thanks!
Get your gas filled on the way to work or on the way home. I am not familiar with the firm
Can I get a driver license in TN?
My Driver license is suspended revoked in MI if I move to TN can I get a drivers license and start over clean slate?
Not likely. There is reciprocity between most states and if you are suspended or revoked the new state will probably...
What kind of time am I looking at doing?
I was charged with 2nd DUI/ child endangergment (having someone in car under age of 16). I was sentenced 2 the soberity court program ( in MUSKEGON)and 3 years probation. I completed the program and had about 26 months done of probation they I absconded. No new charges either.
It's good that you completed Sobriety Court, but the judge is going to wonder if you immediately started back on your...
Can a DUI charge be added to my open intox charge? This is my first offense, how severe will my punishment be?
First and foremost I want to say I was not driving under the influence. However, I Was Given a citation for open intox in the state of Michigan. That is the only citation I received that night. I Performed a field sobriety test, no Breathalyzer test was performed. The polite Officer allowed me to drive home after.
I would need more information about the stop to really answer the question. However, if there was no chemical test done...