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If the DOB is wrong on the initial breathalyzer, is that a valid document? can charge be dropped?
was not actually seen behind the wheel. and dob is wrong
I don't believe that one typo, in and of itself, would likely warrant an outright dismissal of the charges, but I would...
18 year old friends got drunk, one dared another friend to shoot him , friend did, kid got life flighted and survived, charges?
Friend that got shot doesnt want to press charges, friend that shot the victim has gotten in trouble with the law while he was a minor
Friend needs to contact and retain an attorney ASAP. There are several charges that could be filed with significant...
Would Dubble Jepority aplaie to drunk driving?
Getting a drunk driving in one state an paying all your fines there. Come home and loose your license for not paying an reinstatement fee and a fine in anouther state?
Double jeopardy, which bars prosecution for the same crime, does not apply to what you wrote. You are not being re-...
What happens if my bf is caught driving without a license as his is suspended from previous DUI's?
He wants me to lease a vehicle in my name for him to drive back and forth to work however i am not comfortable with that idea and want to know what could happen to me if he were pulled over/caught driving my vehicle with no license so i can explain to him more thoroughly why i am saying no!
He could be charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS) and you could be charged with allowing an unlicensed...
What does a pending owi charge mean? And why did the officer do a breathalyzer and blood test?
I was arrested in auburn hills, Mi Oakland county, and took a breathalyzer and then was brought to the hospital for a blood test, and now I am facing a pending charge. Was released from the jail within 2 1/2 hours and did not have to be bailed out.
Well if you blew higher than .02 you will probably be charged. In addition if your blood comes back with dope or...
Does kalamazoo county probation use etg testing when your on probation for a owi?
Owi offense 6 month probation random urine screwns
I have seen them use them, yes. If you are going to try to game the system, my advice would be don't. You will...
I recently got a DUI and i am an immigrant .I have filed for my visa extension .Will there be any issues ?
I recently got a DUI and i am an immigrant .I have filed for my visa extension .Will there be any issues ? Also if is it recommendable to go to stamping after 1 year when probation is completed ?
There might be issues. Thus, I would consult an attorney regarding your case.