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If the DOB is wrong on the initial breathalyzer, is that a valid document? can charge be dropped?
was not actually seen behind the wheel. and dob is wrong
I don't believe that one typo, in and of itself, would likely warrant an outright dismissal of the charges, but I would...
18 year old friends got drunk, one dared another friend to shoot him , friend did, kid got life flighted and survived, charges?
Friend that got shot doesnt want to press charges, friend that shot the victim has gotten in trouble with the law while he was a minor
Friend needs to contact and retain an attorney ASAP. There are several charges that could be filed with significant...
I lost my license due to multiple dui.I am elgible for review in 2017 and have not had a license since 2010.
Is there anything i need to start doing before i am elgible.
The Secretary of State is going to be looking for a period of sobriety, so you should consider starting on that if you...
14yrs. ago mis: dui classes, charges paid. 2015 2nd mis dui what charges fines can my car besiege? Is a lawyer needed?
Past assault charged, two domestic violence charges. Probation over five yrs ago completed 1st time. 1 year 2nd probation served completed just under two moths ago classes, fines paid.
I am not a MI lawyer and cannot comment on matters of MI law or procedure but, I can tell you that in Florida, where I...
incident was march 9, 2015, I had a suspended license. I also crashed my vehicle. I was detained for 72 hours then released with my license and a temporary driving permit.
A simple internet search indicates that the SOL is 6 years. You have actually asked the wrong question. Go see a local...
Jail time for OWI in Troy, Mi?
I was involved in a car accident in Troy, Mi. I was charged with OWI (BAC .15). At my arraignment I was released on a personal bond, and scheduled for the RESULTS program. I had a prior DUI in Mt. Pleasant, Mi about 14 years ago. My pre trial is set in about two weeks. I'm aware of fines, programs, and license restrictions. My question and concern is on jail time. As if I'm ordered to serve substantial time, it would have major implications on my employment status. Will I have any chance of not getting jail time, or possibly a suspended sentence?
Depending on the judge and other factors, you could definitely be looking at jail time. A suspended sentence is not...
Can I get charged with an OWI if the cops never pulled me over?
Was on my way home when some lady started riding our bumper we brake checked her a couple times but she kept at it we went to go make a left turn and she pulled in front of our car almost causing an accident and started screaming at us about a brake light going out while cursing we pulled into a friends drive way to inspect the car when all the sudden the lady pulled in behind us screaming at us saying shes calling her friends that are cops. I was out side of the car when the cops showed up and they immediately started asking questions about drinking that's when they made me blow and arrested me for owi.
Yes you can be. And you were. Even if you had a loophole (doesn't appear you do) you could at least be charged with...