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Jonesboro Crime

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  • Suspects Open Fire on Home Full of Children, Killing...

    7 hrs ago | via 

    Suspects invaded a home full of children early Saturday morning and opened fire, killing 15-year-old Daveon Coates and Tatiana Coates, his 11-year-old sister. According to Fox News , the incident occurred around 5 a.m. in Jonesboro, Georgia.


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  • Brother and sister shot dead during Georgia home inv...

    9 hrs ago | via Daily Mail 

    Trump offered me $10k to spend the night with him, says porn star: Adult actress Jessica Drake claims The Donald propositioned her after liaison with her and two other women in his penthouse suite 'All of these liars will be sued after the election': Trump uses his own 'Gettysburg address' to promise legal action against every woman who accuses him of sexual assault Trump cuts Hillary's lead in HALF to four points in latest poll, and 70% of Republicans believe vote rigging will hand Hillary victory U.S. soccer star Lauren Holiday, 28, has brain tumor successfully removed just one month after giving birth to her first child with pro basketball player husband Was Friday's massive hack mounted through BABY MONITORS? Investigators say attack could have relied on internet-connected household items to flood servers with traffic Toddler, 3, is found dead after a house fire - alongside the body ... (more)


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  • Siblings, aged 15 and 11, killed in Ga. home invasion

    11 hrs ago | via CBS News 

    Officers found an 11-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy shot to death inside a house in Jonesboro on Saturday morning. The two were siblings.


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  • Two children killed in Jonesboro home invasion while...

    17 hrs ago | via Daily Mail 

    NFL players' fury at the league for letting off wife abusing Giants kicker: Outcry after Josh Brown is put on PAID leave after he admitted treating his wife like a 'slave' over years of abuse Salma Hayek claims Trump harassed her for a date, then planted a nasty magazine story when she rejected him - as an ELEVENTH woman comes forward to accuse The Donald of sexual misconduct Was Friday's massive hack mounted through BABY MONITORS? Investigators say attack could have relied on internet-connected household items to flood servers with traffic Trump prepares for Gettysburg address unveiling 'first 100 days' agenda - and his aides say Hillary is just 'waiting out the clock' Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes 'scolded employees for speaking and had lawyers patrol the company's Silicon Valley HQ' before top scientist who found flaws in her one-prick blood test killed himself 'We have to face the ... (more)


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  • Court: Double Churches homicide was execution-style ...

    Thursday Oct 20 | via 

    A text exchange the day Demonde Donya Dicks Jr. was killed at Columbus' Double Churches Park showed the suspects set Dicks up to be shot execution-style so they could get thousands of dollars from his backpack, a prosecutor said Thursday during bond hearings for two of the three defendants. Dicks lay dead on the basketball court after the 3 p.m. shooting June 15 at the 2300 Double Churches Road park, which was crowded with children and parents.


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Jonesboro Law

My friend's guardian had the DMV flag his record so he could not get a drivers license. How can he get it removed?
It was done before he was 18.
What do you mean by "Flag" his record? I.E. how did they flag your friends record?
I have my second dui in 5 years. they gave me a yr. probation serve 3 months in jail. if i self revoke will it be over after jai
i had 9 months on probation because i served 3 months in jail. i have 6 months left and i just want to do my time now and get it over with. will i still have to pay my fines and do community service and all the other stipulations from probation if i decide to do my time in jail. and will they give me the full 6 months left or what kind of time will i get?
So you want to go to jail for 6 months so you will not have to do 30 days of community service. Does that sound like a...
I violated probation (no license), because i was driving again with no license. How much jail time will i be facing?
I am not a legal citizen, ive been on probation for driving without license. However, last week i got arrested again for no license. I have a 1 week old child and im the only person who can provide for that child. So how much time am i facing?
I am not a GA lawyer and cannot comment on matters of GA law or procedure. But, I can tell you that in Florida,...
I went thru a road block and I was charged driving on suspended license and this is my 4th offense what's the out come?
I have 3 previous DUI the resent one is about 3yrs ago and the other two is about 5 to 6yrs old.
Your fourth suspended license? Were you also charged with DUI?
Do I need to submit a "10 day letter" if my license was not taken, I did not refuse any tests and i was not issued a DS 1205?
I was arrested 09..29.13 on DUI, i was not given a breathalyer, however blood was taken while in intake.
Go ahead and send the 10-day letter, because regardless of whether your case is a "test" or "refusal" case, you need to...
Failed a breathalyzer at the jail showed up for weekend jail what will happen
weekend jail for failing a drug test
Sounds like you are on probation and serving weekend jail sentence. Your probation should have stated no drugs or...
What is the current implied consent card color for an over 21 driver?
Will the color of the card matter in plea bargaining if the color is incorrect?
It's not the coloring that matters. It is the wording that matters. And actually, GA case law states that, even if the...