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Was it right for GE to ask me to quit after failing a voluntary drug test ?
I was asked to quit GE after failing a voluntary drug test in Chad Africa. My Country manager called me and said the best thing to do was quit and maybe re-apply. That was two years ago and I have not been contacted after repeated job application. I work for over 10 years for this company and had an outstanding work history.
You should direct your question to the employment law lawyers.
Is careless driving a misdemeanor?
I was arrested for a dui and the court reduced it to a careless driving charge. Is this considered a misdemeanor?
Yes. You got a good deal. Don't screw up and h t another DUI.
What will happen if someone fail a drug test for probation officer?
My friend has a drug test and smoked. If they fail the drug test what will happen since they are on a five year deferred sentence? They take the urine test for their probation officer.
Their probation will be revoked. Get them a lawyer.
How long will someone go to jail for 7 crimes
Will someone go to jail for doing these crimes: Trafficking drugs Open container of beer Open container of Alcohol DUI CDC Marijuana Posession of controlled substance Court date is august 1, 2017. Will Someone go to jail?
Add up the maximum sentence lengths for all those crimes. That's the most someone charged w all those things could get....
Hello I am cleet certified phase 4 what are the chances I will get my license revoked?
I got a DUI and speeding did breath test was 0.13
That's not enough information to answer the question. However instead of providing more on here, I suggest you schedule...
How long is a DUID process back in may 12 I was arrested for Duid how does take to get charge and trial or dismiss
I was arrested in valley brook with DUID taken to oklahoma county jail where after 4.5 days I was bail out bu my dad who was out state. ON JUNE 15 there was a court date thay told me no charges were filed yeat no blood test came back yeat. I dont do drugs I hoping thay get drop how long blood test take. I take one for employment an be back in 5 mins this seem like a backwards system. I have a court on the 13 of jury what the chance I would be charge or it is drop then.
They have three years to file charges
Would possession of cds, paraphernalia, and possession of heroine with intent in OK be dishonesty or moral turpitude?
I caught a charge last year and I am on a 5 year deffered currently. I want to get my license to be a bail bondsman and don't know for sure if my charges would keep me from becoming licensed in Oklahoma.
No. Moral turpitude involved crimes of dishonesty.