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I got two dwi charges first offense. Plead guilty to both. It didn't pick up on either. What do I do?
I have two dwi first offence charges. I nether Picked up. I told them on my second offense I had two. What do I do when I go to alcohol screening test Tuesday?
Tell them the truth. Even if both were for DWI 1st, You need to tell them you have two prior 1st DWI's. Talk to...
Can I have a refusal to submit charge dismissed if the test wasn't requested until 10-12 hours after the accident?
I live in Arkansas where ACA 5-65-206 (a) states "In any criminal prosecution of a person charged with the offense of driving while intoxicated, the amount of alcohol in the defendant's breath or blood at the time or within four (4) hours of the alleged offense,". I was involved in a single vehicle accident where I was injured and immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance. After around 10 to 12 hours of treatment I was released to the custody of the state police who took me to a local jail to conduct a breath test which I refused. I have reviewed the entire written procedure of alcohol testing approved by the state of Arkansas and can find no procedure for discovering the BAC of a defendant 12 hours prior to the test. Could I have the charge dismissed seeing as how the tests were not requested anywhere near the 4 hour limit.
Unfortunately no. That time span might could have been used to fight the results of the test had you taken it (though...
Can they upgrade my Public Intox to a DUI after I've been to court and plead not guilty to the PI charge?
They could have given me a DUI charge. Also, they didn't breath test or blood test. I'm not 100% sure on the blood test because I had to get stitches in my head at the hospital. The cops were present with me. I'm not sure that I was intoxicated. The head injury could have been a concussion. They said that at the hospital. Thank, you. Terrance
They likely would have done it by now. Retain a local criminal lawyer though to fight this. Avvo has a terrific "find...
Drivers license suspended for DWI/Drugs in Arkansas
Is that considered a drug offense subject to A.C.A. 27-16-915. Suspension for conviction of controlled substances offense
It can be, but it is not usually charged that way unless you were also in possession of drugs. DWI carries its own...
I have just received my second driving on a suspended license ticket
The first one was by the Arkansas State Police A.C.A 27-16-303. This one from a Deputy Sheriff A.C.A. 5-65-104. My license were suspended for DWI /Drugs. The penalties for each one are different. If somebody got it wrong can I get it dismissed? They're over one year apart.
If your license was suspended for DWI, then you can be charged under either statute for driving on a suspended license....
I was arrested for DUI - Drugs in Lawrence County Arkansas. I actually had a stroke. I was cuffed and taken to jail.
I was left hand cuffed and had multiple seizures for about 3 - 4 hours. Sheriff Deputy told State Trooper I needed to go to an Emergency Room. He called my wife to tell her he was having me sent to an ER. She told hime to send me to Jonesboro, AR. He refused and said it was more convenient for him to go to Lawrence Cty Hosp. The ER Convinced him I was having a stroke and not on drugs with tox screen, He picked up the traffic ticket. I was rushed to Little Rock AR Baptist Hospital for ER. The whole way I was having multiple seizures. I wasTotally unconcsous or incoherrent from the time I was pulled over till two about 2 days later. It has been 2 months I still have some short term memory loss and a damaged vein on my right wrist (Bump) where I was handcuffed. After 2 mos. cleared to work.
I don't know what your question is, however if you are charged with DWI or similar out of this incident you should hire...
Can I be charged with drugs found in a vehicle that doesnt belong to me and I was no where around when it was searched.
Upon exiting a walmart one night, I noticed that my friends vehicle was being searched as he sat on the ground watching. I walked up and asked the friend and police what was going on. I was patted down and told that I was under arrest for drugs found in the car. I told them I have been in the store shopping and I have nothing to do with any drugs found in the car. My friend, who was a lawyer as well as the owner of the car said, "they have probable cause to search cause they found a drug pipe in a basket in the store". The officer walked up and placed me in cuffs saying Im under arrest for drugs found in the car. I was totally shocked because I had no drugs nor was I anywhere present when all this occured. No drugs were in my possession when I was patted down but was told im under arrest cause drugs were found in a bag on my side of his car. We were not pulled over nor was I around when the search started. I was arrested for all of this while the owner of the car and the bag was let go. I had no idea of any drugs or what led them to harrass my friend. I was unaware he had drugs in the car but more so as to why I got arrested for his drugs, found in his car, when I was not present.
Yes, you can be charged. The question is, can you be convicted? I would immediately subpoena for all videos from that...