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Is there any way to avoid from having my RI license suspended for a MA DUI? Any way we can avoid the registry from finding out?
It's a first offense and I can't lose my license in RI.. I work there.
Win the Massachusetts DUI. Hire an experienced DUI attorney who regularly appears in the MA court at issue. Fight the...
Why is my CDL suspended for life?
I live and work in the state of RI and in 1998 I had a DUI in the state of Mass. In 1998 I had a RI license and I did not have a CDL yet. In 2012 I obtained my CDL in the state of RI. In November of 2017 I had another DUI in Mass, because I have a CDL and failed the breathalyzer I received a letter from RI suspending my CDL for one year. I went to court in December for this DUI and plead guilty, the judge put me on the 24D program which basically states that since my first DUI was almost 20 years ago the court would treat my second offense like it was my first. Well I received another letter from RI suspending my CDL for life for two or more DUI's. Why is RI counting my first DUI in 1998 against me when I did not have a CDL and I did not get my CDL until 2012? Could this be an error on their part?
2 Dui within a certain period of time suspends ur cdl for life Your Attorney should have explained that to u Life is...
If you plead guilty For Dui in District Court does Traffic Court in Cranston punish you twice.?
I plead guilty To DUI and was give a 1 probation and 1 suspend and 3 moths lost of license now traffic court is for refusal a chemical test and said I can lose my license for 12 months and pay whole bunch of fines if I already plead guilty earlier in the dui do I get punish twice reason why if was gonna get hit twice I would of fought it can this happen?
U need to contact ur attorney. Simple answer is yes u can be double charged. However ur attorney should have given u...
Why does my driving record say 1st offense DUI when the charge was amended?
I recently had to go to court to fight a DUI. After going through the lengthy process, finally the charge was amended and I accepted the deal the state of RI had to offer, which was a reckless driving filing for one year amongst a couple other things, but no loss of license. I went online to pay the court fees and through the RI court website it states that I pleaded nolo contendere to the DUI, but has nothing written about reckless driving. I have all my documents from my lawyer stating what the filing was (reckless driving), and the letter basically summed up what we discussed in court and what the judge had said about amending the charge. My question is, why is this not reflecting on my driving record? When my insurance goes to pull my record, this is what they are going to see and it is aggravating because it wasn't a DUI, it was reckless driving. I need advice on what to do and how to get this fixed because I called my lawyer and he just said that "official documents show the amendment".. but I need more than just that answer.
Without reviewing the record, there's no way an attorney can say. Although, mistakes happen all the time.
How to get license reinstated in RI after DUI/chemical test refusal with no car?
My soon to be ex husband had a MA drivers license and was arrested for a first offense DUI in RI. He was convicted of refusing a chemical test. The DUI and marked lane violations were dropped. He no longer has a car. He sold it to pay for legal fees, and he completed his DUI class and community service. Now all he needs is an SR 22 to get his license reinstated, BUT, he has no car. He went to the RI DMV which says he can get a standalone, non owner SR 22 "online", but every place he calls says he needs an existing insurance policy with a car. He looked into purchasing a car, but he needs an active license to get an insurance policy on a new car. It seems like a chicken and egg. What do people do in this situation? I know people must total their cars drunk driving. How do they get back on the road? Is there a way to appeal needing an SR 22 if he doesn't have a car? He'd like to get his license back and eventually save up to purchase a car, but he doesn't have the money to do so now. And regardless he was told he can't get insurance on a new car without having an active license.
Your soon to be ex-husband would do well to consult with his own attorney and insurance agent. After the six month...
If I test positive for marijuana in rhode island will that dirty urine tox screen for marijuana violate my probation?
My drug counselor said I should smoke pot instead of drink alcohol because alcohol has negative effects when mixed with my psyche medicine she said she would rather I smoked pot than drank and not to worry about my probation. I don't yet have a medical marijuana card but am applying for court ordered drug counseling.
Yes it will especially if ur in drug court
Do I have a case for negligence against the arresting police department?
On 12/14/2015 I was the passenger in my new Ram 1500, after offering a friend a ride home after a women's meeting, when my friend ( who was driving since I was ill) took a sharp turn on a dark country road, loss control, hit a pole. The driver's side air curtain airbag deployed & every safety alarm went off: I struck my head/right side of my face against the passenger window & my left knee went into the glove compartment, the airbag hit her in the left side of the head. She attempted to open the drivers door, & when that failed, climbed out of the back of the vehicle & took off. Since the passenger door wouldn't open, I climbed into the drivers seat to try to use the main door locks to try to get the doors to open ( she also took the keys). After some time an officer came on the scene, no one had seen the accident or called, he was on patrol. I tried to explain what had happened & provided my information to him. He was completely indifferent to my injuries. The reason, I believe is my plea to DUI 5 yrs earlier. I have gerds so I require a blood test & instead of a hospital I got a jail cell. Now I find out I have permanent nerve damage on top of loss wks of work .
What exactly would be the negligence of the officer? Found an accident scene with someone apparently under the...