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How do I purchase a handgun after I have already been charged with a dui 1st in Tn?
I have a dui 1st in Tn. I have the interlock and sr22 insurance. I attempted to purchase a firearm but was denied. I have a restricted licence but no felonies. Would the probation office help? Do I need to fill out an Appeal of Denial of Attempted Firearm Transfer Form with the TBI?
I would need more information to better answer this question, but generally, I would absolutely suggest going to your...
Can I get my license reinstated in TN after an out of state DUI(IN)?
I was convicted of a class C misdemeanor DUI in Indiana with no license suspension. TN suspended my license anyway. Not knowing this. I was arrested for driving on a revoked. I was found not guilty. Is there anyway of getting my license back in TN. Aside from getting a restricted.
One key question here is when you were convicted in Indiana. In the State of TN, a DUI conviction carries with it a...
Will I automatically be jailed for my first violation on misdemeanor probation with CCI in Washington County? For a drug test ?
I failed my first drug test for marijuana (stupid I know) I have 4 months left and only owe fourty dollar in fines and the fine for the drug test. Now my question is do I get to go to court before I go to jail? I have a very good job and I am willing to do my time for what I did but I'm wanting to do it in "weekends". Can someone please tell me what the best avenue is at this point? Thank you.
You have to paint a picture that you made an isolated mistake and incarcerating you will not benefit society. You will...
Will a underage dui bar me from purchasing a handgun? Obtaining my carry permit?
I was 20 at the time of the arrest. Bonded out in the morning. I did no jail time and got no probation for the offense. They only gave me 40 hrs. Communitu service paymy fines and take an 8 hr alcohol class.
A DUI conviction may cause a problem, but it's not clear in your description how long ago this occurred. Here is a link...
Failure to report for a weekend in jail
I had got pulled over and took to jail for driving on revoked. Went to court got 6 months unsupervised probation, and 2 days in jail. I was not able to do the 2 days for I had nobody to watch my son. I called and they told me they had a capius out for failure to report to the two days. It's been two years now and I've since paid all court fines, all tickets, and got my license back but I'm scared if I turn myself in now they will give me more then two days..
Ok... and do you have a question that you'd like to ask? You are probably right when you say that "if I turn myself...
Can I get a drivers license in Tn now that I am a resident ?
I have had 4 DUI convictions in Michigan and my Drivers license is permanently revoked . I now live in TN and I would like to know if I can get a drivers license in TN , because they are not part of the interstate compact agreement ?
You should see a lawyer to delve into the specifics of your prior convictions and the laws that govern Tennessee....
Can I buy a firearm in Tennessee with multiple DUI's 18 years ago? And,How can I find out the reason(s) I was denied a firearm?
When I was younger,I was convicted of DUI Multiple times, with the last conviction being 18 years ago.I was only under the impression that felonies and domestic violence Disqualifies you from purchasing a firearm in Tennessee.I've had no restraining orders no felonies either. Also,how can I get some sort of disclosure on the reasons I was denied so I can resolve these issues? Thank you in advance.
This site gives you all the information you need to appeal a denial of a gun purchase. Not sure why you were denied;...