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Can I get my sentence reduced?
I was recently pulled over for a crooked license plate. I had been drinking and was arrested. I was given a blood test but I don't know the results yet and apparently they can't give results for quite some time. I was previously arrested in 2009 under suspicion of DUI and that arrest resulted in a reduced reckless driving charge. I was told by current my pre-trial counselor that this WILL NOT make my current arrest a 2nd offense, but it will be considered a first offense. Is it possible to get this charge reduced as well?
It is possible to get it reduced or dropped. You need to discuss this with your current counsel since he is the one who...
If the ignition interlock device causes me to wreck (with or without injury or death) do I have a case against the company/state
The device requires a breath sample while the car is being operated.
Yes, the company for the damage of your vehicle.
What happens if marijuana shows up on a drug test while on trial for DUI (alcohol)?
Unique/tricky situation... my boyfriend is dealing with a first time DUI case. While being pulled over for a broken tail light, he swerved a little bit and so the officer administered a blood test (he was right, he had been drinking). We don't have the BAC results back yet, but I'm pretty sure marijuana will show up on the test as well. I am worried because about 2 years ago, he finished up being on probation for marijuana. Will the results of the drug test significantly increase his penalty since he has been on probation for smoking before? If they didn't even see any evidence of marijuana use at the time of his arrest, do they even have the right to talk about this in court?
Your friend needs a DUI attorney to review his case and test results. Marijuana stays in the system a long time...
Arrested 11/07/13 for DUI and simple possessive. Court appointed me an attorney.
I only got to speak with him a minute before court and those were very few. I had a court date ever month until 9/14. Attorney would say the same think every time that BAC wasn't back. The last court date he stated the DA said I was over the limit for Xanax. I wasn't given the chance to look at report. Attorney pushed me into taking DUI. I wanted to get on with my life and I was tired of it. Months later I came across my records. I received a copy of report from TBI-BAC was 0.03 Level of Xanax was 0.069 ug/ml. Attorney lied about don't having report. TBI sent BAC levels back 2 Wks later and levels of Xanax they didn't receive until Sept. 2014. Can DUI be overturned or reduced now? since I have the report now?
Speak to private defense counsel as overturning a plea after an allocution may be quite difficult if you were subject...
I got arrested for a DUI, I'm under the dreamers act and I'm already working on renewal process , Will this affect it ?
I got already went to my biometrics appointment a week before I got arrested for DUI, there was no accident involved, I got pulled over for going 65 on 45 zone. should I hire a DUI attorney or should I hire an attorney who does both Immigration and Criminal Justice?
You may get different answers here. Nevertheless, ensuring that you do not get convicted is vital. Many DUI/criminal...
What happens if i am drunk when i make a report on a stolen car?the officer ask me had i been drinking and i told her no
i am the town drunk/everyone knows i will give my car keys away if im drinking to who ever ask/im 45 yrs old and yes even the detectives dwntown know me pretty well.neverthe less when it happened this last time i flagged dwn a policeman and made a report/THE NEXT DAY i might add.she ask me had i been drinking and i lied and said no.the car lot where im making payments has a gps on the car and she made a call and then another call and they got my car/The reason i lied is because this is the 5th time this has happened in 2 yrs and when they realise im drinking they wont help me get my car/now the car has been impounded and printed and im afraid my story is full of holes/its been two one has contacted me.what should i do?
It is unclear from this post whether your car was stolen or you just thought it was
Can I get a Dui disposed without being present in court?
Got a dui, driving on suspended and refusal in 2011. I didn't show back up for trial. In 2013 I got indicted on charges. Now I am in federal prison in Alabama and need to get the dui charge disposed quickly to be able to go to the halfway house, that has already been processed. I am 6 months away from projected out date. Is it possible to get the dui case disposed without me having to go to court is it possible an attorney can show up in my absence?
No. You can get an attorney to get a transport order and ask the court/DA to run the sentence concurrently. This would...