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  • Sean Penn's naive portrait of El Chapo

    Monday Jan 11 | via Austin American-Statesman 

    Beyond the tortured prose and well-documented ethical lapses , the most troubling aspect of Hollywood actor Sean Penn's "interview" of Joaquin "El Chapo" , is his childlike presentation of the Sinaloan drug lord as a simple, even heroic campesino who has done what he's had to do to survive. , who was arrested for a third time by the Mexican government on Friday, in his Rolling Stone article : "Whatever villainy is attributable to this man, and his indisputable street genius, he is also a humble, rural Mexican, whose perception of his place in the world offers a window into an extraordinary riddle of cultural disparity."


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Was arrested in Texas for 2nd DWI with his 2 yr. old child in vehicle. What is the punishment? What will CPS do?
He was arrested for 1st DWI and received probation. Failed at probation and was arrested and sentenced/served 90 days in jail. Released and a few weeks later was arrested for 2nd DWI with 2 yr. old son in vehicle with him. What punishment is he looking at? What will CPS do with his parenting rights?
He's looking at 2-10 years in prison. Probation is a possibility, and that may come with some long term in-patient...
How can I prevent getting a DUI?
Single vehicle car accident. Police report indicates no alcohol but medical records show otherwise. First time offense. Afraid of being charged at a later time.
There is nothing that you can do to prevent it. If the police report says no alcohol, there is no reason to think that...
What are the likely outcomes of DWI while on felony probation?
My brother was arrested a couple years ago for harassment of public servant and assault of public servant, both 3rd degree felonies. Plead guilty and received 5yrs deferred (I think it was deferred, it might've been regular probation). He was arrested for DWI recently. The probation hearing is set, no bond at the moment and he's currently sitting in jail. What are the likely outcomes? Thank you
It really depends on what judge his felonies are with. With some judges, rehab would be a definite possibility. With...
Should I expect to be on probation if my DWI charge is reduced?
Im currently going through pre trial for DWI. I blew a .081. Decent field sobriety tape. I got stopped for failing to maintain a lane
IF it gets "reduced," it won't really be a reduction, it will be to ANOTHER class B misdemeanor called Obstruction of a...
Best plea deal option to avoid jail in DWI-2nd
I picked up a second DWI within 3 years.... Behind the wheel in a one car accident. I have no defense and just want the best plea deal I can get. In my first conviction, I paid a big fine with no probation and no interlock on my car. Is a similar deal possible on the second conviction? What about a fine and interlock only?I'm hearing that the laws have changed since my last dwi and even probation now requires some minimum jail time. Is there any option to avoid jail... even a minimum amount? I spent a night in jail on my arrest and I don't want to go back. I'm going to AA and haven't had a drink since the arrest. Thank you for any suggestions and advice.
While it is a brave thing to admit you have a problem, and an admirable thing, that doesn't mean your criminal record...
How do I get an order to remove an Ignition Interlock when my sentence has been over for a while and I did not go on probation.
I was convicted of a 2nd DWi in may of 2013 in Texas. I plead out but choose to do work release for 45 days instead of probation. The Judge also suspended my license but that has expired. Now I need to find out how to get an order to remove the Ignition Interlock device.
You need to contact an attorney who can speak to the court to have an order to remove the interlock device signed. You...
Can a DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case?
I got arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and unfortunately consented to a blood test. The arrest was made because the officer thought I had been drinking but that is not the case. I am pretty sure they will find no alcohol in my blood sample. However, I think my impairment was the result of a prescription drug I took for anxiety. I had not taken it in a while so the effects were more pronounced than usual. I think that the blood test may reveal that I took the pill earlier in the day (5 hours prior to the arrest). Can the DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case? I ask because the arrest paperwork I got focuses only on blood alcohol content rather than something more generic such as DWI and/or DUI. I did not mention or disclose at any moment I had taken the anxiety medication.
There are no DUIs in Texas. DWIs encompass all intoxicatingly elements beyond alcohol such as prescription drugs and...