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  • Ju rez violence

    Tuesday Aug 4 | via El Paso Times 

    Forty-three people were killed in separate homicides in Juarez during July, making it the most violent month this year. The number of slayings in July easily outpaced other months this year when homicides ranged from 18 to 30. It also was nine short from May 2014 when Juarez had its most violent month that year.


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Joaquin Law

Was arrested in Texas for 2nd DWI with his 2 yr. old child in vehicle. What is the punishment? What will CPS do?
He was arrested for 1st DWI and received probation. Failed at probation and was arrested and sentenced/served 90 days in jail. Released and a few weeks later was arrested for 2nd DWI with 2 yr. old son in vehicle with him. What punishment is he looking at? What will CPS do with his parenting rights?
He's looking at 2-10 years in prison. Probation is a possibility, and that may come with some long term in-patient...
DWI charge for prescription drugs
My husband was charged for DWI for prescription drugs. His breath test was negative for alcohol.he had 2 old DWI more than 10 years old. He has a parole hold on him plus immigration hold. Can he be released pending his DWI case based on his mental health issues.
The parole hold seems to be the big issue as far as his release. The judge in the court that his DWI case lands in will...
Angleton parole board & DWI cases
My husband is in Tdcj for the first time for a 3RD DWI charge, he was given a 4 year sentence and has done over a year. He is currently under parole review and said he heard the angleton parole board is hard on DWI offenses, is this true? Would it be possible for him to be approved for parole at this point?
Speak to the attorney or the public defender who handled his case. They'll have his actual record to review. This,...
What states can you still get a DUI for just having a trace of marijuana in your system?
Meaning that you are not high at the time you are pulled over but have smoked in the last 3 weeks or so and marijuana is still in your system
Why don't you Google it? If you got arrested for a DUI, we know it isn't in Texas. If you are just doing research,...
I was arrested for DUI. My employer has been calling my clients & informing them of my DUI. Is this legal for them to do?
My employer fired me but asked that I find a replacement for myself, train them, & then I will be let go. In the meantime they are calling our clients & telling them about my DUI arrest. Is it legal for them to be doing this?
It is not illegal for them to notify people of why you are going to be leaving their employment. They have a right to...
Once you are convicted of a DWI in Texas, how long does it take the DMV to suspend your license? If
Convicted back in November 2014 but my license has not yet been suspended.
Depends. Assuming there are no other suspensions - if it was a first offense and you got probation, then it should not...
DWI and impoundment?
My husband caught a DWI during a car accident and the car was impounded. Is he able to get the car out when he's out on bail? Or is his license suspended right when he makes bail?
You will be able to get your car out of impound right now if you are on the title. It will cost you more each day it...