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    Tuesday Nov 14 | via Times News 

    The entire student body, staff and visitors turned out en masse Monday in Jim Thorpe to honor our country's veterans during an assembly at Marian Catholic High School's Class of 1977 recently gathered for its 40-year reunion Oct. 7 at Dean Anthony's in Jim... A Carbon County man had his application for house arrest rejected and was sentenced Monday to a county prison term.... The entire student body, staff and visitors turned out en masse Monday in Jim Thorpe to honor our country's veterans... Three people were injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer rig and two pickups on Wednesday along Route 895 - A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the Iraq-Iran border region killed over 340 people across... SPINDALE, North Carolina - When Rutherford County's child protection agency seeks to investigate allegations of abuse at Word of... Liz Smith started her gossip career in the ... (more)


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DUI Highest Rate withdrawn
My brother was charged with DUI general & DUI highest rate (because he refused breath test). The Dept. of Transportation (Penndot) suspended his license for 18 months. Now the DUI highest rate charge has been withdrawn. Can he go back to the DOT with this withdrawn charge info and ask for a reduced suspension time?
No. The license suspension was for the refusal itself and is a civil penalty. Even if the entire criminal case...
My last dui arrest was05/30/2005..Date filed was0 7/25/2005 .I was pulled over july 30 2014.I know I was over the limit.
No accident.i guess i was swerving.Also I could have had my licence back years ago.when my fine was paid off.Also i did one year in jail for that one because I had prior dui.I want to know if i am looking at a min. of 1 year jail time.This is what my friends are telling me.This happened in Jim Thorpe Pa. I am 54 and cant do time again.also was on medication (prescribed) Klonopin.
First, it's a smart idea to refrain from admissions anywhere, period. Second, you need to speak with a PA attorney who...
Nolle Prosequi, after sentencing?
I was recently sentenced on both my 1st and 2nd DUIs, in Pennsylvania. I have been on parole/Probation for both for 3 months now and i recieved a letter signed by the court entering a Nolle Prosequi for both cases. What exactly does this Mean? I thought this was only done during trial not after the sentencing is complete.
Nolle Prosequi means that the case has been dismissed. However, you would not typically receive a letter from the...
Can I be charged with an underage after the fact if I was never asked for my name. age. or if I had been drinking
I was in a car with a friend, we were pulled over, he was taken in for a DUI. I was told to just ride in the police car, nothing was going to happen to me because I was the passanger. I might be called as a witness in my friends case, and was wondering if I can be charged with anything, such as an underage after the fact. I wasn't ask my name, age, or if I had been drinking, the officer just assumed I had been.
Respectfully, your question is confusing. Have you or have you not been charged with underage drinking? If you have,...
In need of legal advice for a DUI can someone help?
My mother who has manic depressive disorder, Bi polar disorder, ADHD, and has had electroshock therapy, is being sentenced in February, for a crime she did not commit, her public defender is less than helpful and she's on social security for her disabilities, so she can't afford a real attorney, she was stopped by 3 police vehicles, she did not run a stop sign, she was driving slow wondering what they were doing, they gave her a breathalyzer, she passed, they tried to due a field sobriety test, but she couldn't due to her knee, she was driving my grandmother's car who is an alcoholic and has dementia, and they arrested her for open beer containers that were empty,because my grandmother refused to let her remove said containers, and she was also arrested because her medications are heavy duty, but don't say "do not drive" instead they say "do not drive until you know how they affect you." What should the defense be?
Your mother IS represented by an attorney; her Carbon Co. public defender. It is therefore improper for another...
Why did I receive a notice for a gagnon 1 hearing after receiving new charges while on ARD?
I am currently on ARD for possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. a month ago I was a passenger in a vehicle that had been pulled over. On me was found a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia (two marijuana pipes) and an old empty bag were found in my wallet After I was detained and In police custody. I had admitted to potential methamphetamines to be found in the said bag, in which I had admitted to be personal use from a month prior (I am currently not on the drug, I had just experimented and forgot completely that a month+ old bag was in my wallet). In late July I received a letter in the mail to report to the courthouse on 8/14/17 for a gagnon 1 hearing. Online docket sheets show that it's a video conference to be held at the CCCF. Will I be going to jail? I am currently still in the ARD program and was told numerous times that if I am on ARD I should not have to go to jail. Keep in mind, the said person that I was with was pulled over for invalid inspection sticker. They were not cited for this although my affidavit says otherwise. Just seeking legal advice so I know what I am walking into.
Every County handles violations of Ard differently. Technically when you are on Ard you're on non-reporting probation....
If you receive a DUI conviction and refusal charge in another state does Pennsylvania suspend your license?
If you receive a DUI conviction and refusal charge in another state does Pennsylvania suspend your license
Yes. Under the Driver's License Compact, Pennsylvania will impose a reciprocal suspension.