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Is successful completion of probation (in a PBJ situation) considered a "dismissal?"
I pled guilty to a DUI and received a PBJ. I successfully completed all probation requirements last year. I am applying for a job which asks: "Have you ever been charged with a crime (felony or misdemeanor) in any state or country, the disposition of which was other than by acquittal or dismissal?" Should I answer Yes or No to this question? I understand that the PBJ is not a conviction, but since probation was completed successfully, would the final disposition be considered a dismissal? Thank you very much for your help!
The case was NOT dismissed and should not be considered a dismissal or acquittal. A PBJ (Probation Before Judgement)...
I received a PBJ for a dui/dwi back in 2007. I've heard after 7 years, this will not show up on a background check. Is this true
I was in a car accident November 2007 and was taken to hospital after a night out of drinking. I was charged with a DUI and DWI, but received a probation before judgment and nolle prosequi and successfully completed the terms of my probation. I'm currently being turned down for driving jobs because this is still appearing on my background check. I've read that after seven years (which will be in about a months time) this will no longer appear on a background check, and I'm wondering if this is true, or do I need to get it expunged from my record in order to have my checks come back clean.
Unfortunately, DUI's cannot be expunged even if you receive probation before judgment. Iit will always appear on...
Why is MD MVA coming after me for an old dui in FL?
FL took my license. I was convicted. I did my probation and paid all the fines. I couldn't drive for 12 months because they took my license. I have been done with all of this since March 2016.
Nobody knows without seeing the notice you received which will likely have the answer. Best to talk to an attorney.
If a background check is performed, what (if any) information can be obtained about a DUI that is not on my permanent record?
I was charged with a DUI when I was 17. Being a minor, this did not go on my permanent record. However, I have always wondered if it is still possible for others to find out about this or what information they might be able to obtain. It has always been my understanding that I have no obligation to inform employers, schools, or other institutions about my DUI. I have not had so much as a speeding ticket since this incident. Typically when filling out forms that ask about legal history, I have always responded as though I have never had any arrests/convictions. But I know that "once in the system, you're always in the system", so I've often wondered if it would show up if I were pulled over and an officer looked up my information, or if background checks would reveal this information to prospective employers. I am not too worried about it being a problem as it was 7 years ago now, but as I am applying to more reputable companies that conduct background searches I have been wondering about this.
It will probably show up on your drivers license printout. However, since you were a juvenile it is not considered...
Which is better? 4 month license suspension or 12 month interlock?
Will the interlock stay on my driving record forever? My lawyer advised me to take the interlock but I wasn't sure what pros and cons of the 2 options are. Any help would be appreciated.
Your lawyer, who knows all of the facts of your case, is in the best position to advise you.
What do you have to do with regards to paperwork and fines to receive a restricted license after a DUI?
First time offense. I plan on meeting with lawyers soon. But I am just wondering what kinds of paperwork and fines do you have to go through in order to receive the restricted license. This is assuming that the judge grants my request for one at the MVA hearing.
Assuming you are eligible your lawyer will be able to tell you what you need to present to the ALJ to support that request.
Can the temporary (45 day) licence provided after a DUI be used as a form of Identification?
For instance, I intend to apply for a program and they request your Driver's Licence as a form of identification. Can I use the temporary one to do so? Or should I try and use a passport or something else instead? Also can it be used as a proof of age? For instance, getting carded while trying to buy tobacco products. Examples of alternative forms of ID, should the temporary or passport not be sufficient, would be appreciated.
It will not work as an ID. You can got to the MVA and get an ID card issued. It looks like a license and will work...