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Can I beat my case?
My car has problem I move it side to side last nite while moving it the axle broke the driver tire open wide I called the police to report it some one said I had a bottle whish was my water the police gave me a breathalyzed I blew .12 can I beat dis case never had any violation tickets just parking tickets bc sum times the car doesn't start
Can you beat the DWI yourself, your odds would be as good as winning the lottery. Can you beat your DWI with a lawyer,...
What to expect in the court if my son drive his friend car without a License and got in an accident Will he have to go in jail
My son was drunk and took off with his friend car and got in an accident also he hit 2other cars He was held 4 hrs and have a court day Please advise me what will be the next with my son
He may end up with a criminal record, his friend may sue him, his friends parents may sue him or you he may be sued by...
I have been charged of DUI about 30 years ago.
I was a foreign student when I was caught of DUI in 1988 or 1989. It was in a very small university town in Illinois. I was locked up (finger print / photo done) and baild out immediately. Later on, in the court, I pleased a guilty and paid a fine. I have left US in the early 1990s after school but have returned back to US few times till recently without any issues. (I did not disclose this in visa application as I mistakenly never thought this is a criminal offense. Now I am about to be relocated to US for a work with my family and during the application, I realized this forgotten incident. Is this old record still going to affect my entry??? Or is this record still kept and live?
Depends on what is that status on which you would be seeking entry into the USA. DUI does not create inadmissibility....
Awaiting PA ARD hearing date. Implications on NJ traffic Law for the 1st DUI offense that occurred in Pennsylvania?
I am still waiting for my ARD date for a DUI incident that happened in Erie, PA. This is my 1st offense and no other traffic violations. No restitution. Recently my job required to move from PA to NJ. My attorney had said earlier the PA Commonwealth will send a request for a license suspension for up to 60 days, because my BAC was 0.21. Also my license information will be updated in the PA court records with new address and drivers information. The PA paralegal team advised to check with an attorney of what will be the NJ law implications when PA commonwealth requests to suspend my license?
The good news is that PA may be the only state that allows an expungement/ARD of a first DUI. But if they suspend you...
Patient's Rights Physician requesting urine tes
I have been seeing this pain management since approximately 2009 to this present date and have monthly routine urine test for the Schedule Narcotic test. Every exam form I have consent for the test and advice by the collector what drugs is being tested. Each month I receive an outline of drugs that the physician looks for and reports the results to worker's comp. Some test are not on the list at the time of the test. My questions is, today, I noticed that there was only one drug on the list and that was fentyanly and no other drugs listed on the form to be tested. I had inquired to the collector if any other drugs will be tested and her replied was "Yes" without giving the names of the drugs being tested. I had explained that I would like to be informed of what drugs are being tested so that I am aware and will consent to the test. But did not provide any drug names therefore i informed the collector that the only test to be performed is the determine if I have fentyanly in my blood stream as a prescribe drug and no other drugs is to be tested. My question if any other drugs are tested without my consent and knowledge is that a violation of my patient's right.
You need to speak to a PI or civil rights attorney. This is not a criminal law question.
Downgrade from driving with suspended license to administrative suspension?
Tonight in court I was told my driving while suspended charge was reduced to administrative suspension by the prosecutor. What exactly does that mean? I don't want anymore suspensions anymore so I'm not sure what that meant. Thank you in advance.
If you mean your 3-40 charge was reduced to a 3-40i it does not extend your suspension, but the original one was there....
What is an administrative suspension?
Tonight I was told my driving while suspended charge was reduced to administrative suspension. What exactly does that mean? I don't want anymore suspensions anymore so I'm not sure what that meant. Thank you in advance.
Who told you this. If it was your lawyer I suggest you ask him/her. In most instances an administrative suspension is...