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What does it mean when an Oklahoma court files an "application to revoke" following a DUI?
My brother had his 2nd court appearance this morning for a DUI 2 months ago. The judge set a new court date for 3/22/13. We had a few words with his lawyer and left the courthouse. About an hour later, he called the lawyer to drop off payment and she informed us that the court filed and "application to revoke", and there was a warrant for his arrest and that the best thing to do would be to turn himself in. Why didn't the court say anything about that when we were in there? What does this mean? Also, this is not his first offense. I believe that his driver's license was suspended at the time and he has had alcohol related offenses in the past including another DUI. Any advice would be appreciated since this current attorney doesn't seem to know what is going on??? Thank you!
What you describe is an attempt by the court revoke his bond and release conditions. There is most likely something...
I have an Oklahoma restricted DL w/ the stipulation a breathalyzer is installed in my vehicle, and im moving to California.
I wanted to know if, when I move to California, if the restriction placed on my Oklahoma DL of having to have a breathalyzer, will carry over to California, or does California not care about Oklahoma's restrictions as long as the DL is valid??
You will need to complete the restriction period before you can get a CA license, but you may be able to drive in CA on...
What if I cannot afford an attorney for my dui??
I need an attorney and have no money up front just need to know what my options are?
You can ask the court to appoint you a public defender. The court staff will look at your finances to see if you...
Can I do anything about having to drop my nursing program for a false positive?
I was drug tested on my first day of nursing school and had to drop my second day because they told me I wanted positive for thc and cocaine. They told me if I dropped the program within three days of the class starting everything would be okay and I wouldn't lose my pell grant or have to pay for the class. So I panicked and dropped it because I had no idea why I tested positive in the first place. They even told me that practically nothing causes you to test positive for cocaine except cocaine and that it was rare. Now I'm on an internal waitlist to get back into school and who knows when I will get back in. Then on top of it today I get a letter stating they are withdrawing my pell grant award. So I literally was made to drop the program for nothing and I'm a single homeless mother of five. That nursing program was everything to me. I'm being punished mercilessly for nothing. I didn't do anything. Yesterday they informed me that my more in depth drug test in fact came back negative. This is a nightmare. All for nothing.
This is not a DUI defense question, it's a admin law question.
Is it legal for your lawyer to drug test you while he's representing you in a case?
He says he's gonna drug test me when he gets mad about any little thing. Is this legal ?? I'm not on probation if any type or signed any papers stating I've ageeed to this.
It's legal if you agree to it, and he can choose not to represent you. A lot of lawyers get tired of helping people...
What do you make of this DUI story?
2 years ago I was pulled over and had been drinking. I was placed into custody after failing a field sobriety test. I explained to the officer that I felt suicidal. I was immediately taken to a hospital where I was then transported to a crisis center the following morning. After spending a week there, I come home and find a letter that my license has been suspended. Blood tests showed that I was way over the limit. I made a few phone calls about what hoops I need to jump through to take care of this. A fine, interlock and some classes and I'd be back on track. A great job came my way and of course I told them I had a DUI a few months ago. That would have prevented me from getting the job, but strangely enough they could not find a single thing in my record. I never spent a day in court and to this day, it has never shown up on any record
You were never charged criminally. Dps revoked your license because you had enough alcohol in your blood to warrant a...
Is the family court system as corrupt as we read about? Also also do the lawyers we hire as fathers even work for us?
I'm a single father in tulsa ok area. Ripped off 18k by attorneys. Nothing acomplished. No drugs No DUI. 15 yr job history. Home owner. On supervised visitation. Two clean hair follicle drug and etg test. Mom has two bastard kids from previous relationships and opiate addiction. Fighting allegations.
Hopefully not. Hopefully the court will be fair and impartial. I hope you have an attorney.