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What should I say in the court if got underage drinking citation?
I was arrested for underage drinking. I was breathalyzed it was little alcohol. The cop was nice and said that he'd be in the court and say that I was well-behaved. Should I get a lawyer to help me out in the court? IF I'm by myself what should I say as a main argument to keep my record clean? Thank you!
Don't say anything at all. Going into court without an attorney is not a wise decision. Contact a local criminal...
Dui refused sobriety testing
What are the best/ worst case outcomes when one ( because of their own ignorance) refused breath test and was charged with a first offense dui? Eligible for ARD at all? Loss of license either way? Jail time? Occupational license? Is there any hope for anything? A license is part of my job requirement. Please advise!!
You are eligible for ARD even if you refuse testing. However, Penndot will suspend your license for one year for...
I received court papers granting my DUI record expunged. Does this mean it will no longer show up on my record?
I had a DUI in 2010 and completed the ARD program, paid all of my fines, etc. My lawyer and I filed for expungement a few months ago. I just received papers in the mail that stated my DUI record was granted expungement. Does this mean it still is going through the system or everything has been completed and I can move on?
Each county does things a little differently and you do not provide enough information for me to give you a definitive...
Can I sue a municipality/police department/officer for falsifying reports on DUI charges I completed ARD for and had .03 BAC?
The arrest date was 30 months ago and the original law firm I went with did no discovery before the initial district court date. I expected the case charges to get dismissed, which were for that a minor level of a Schedule IV sleeping pill I had had taken the night before, and a combination...which got dismissed. I barely ever drink, let alone drink and drive and was so angered by the additional quote that I received from the firm I decided ARD would just be cheaper and I would rather pay the citizens than a private practice who basically took 2k from me for 20 mins of work. I could have defended myself, this case was so ridiculous, but as I was putting the expungement order before I re-read sworn reports of probable cause and arrest records I can prove are falsified+i lost a job due to
The answer is almost certainly "no." But I do not have much info to go on. What are the lies? If it is really major...
What are the consequences of being high and drunk in public?
I left a party and I had no way of getting home because my phone stopped working. At this party I smoked and drank a little bit but I was definitely in control of my behavior. However since I was lost I had no choice but to find the police. My father picked me up and the officer said I had a citation for smoking pot. He also gave me a breathalyzer but he never told me the number and never did further test. I want to know what are the possible consequences and the best way to handle this situation
It sounds as if you were on foot, and if you are not operating a motor vehicle there is no DUI implication. However, if...
What happens if you never complete crn or driving classes first offense dui?
.15 BAC no ARD 6 month probation period is over, electronic probation officer (call in ) completed
News flash, ... if you have not completed your CRN and driving classes, your probation period is not over. Discuss...
Should my husband get a lawyer before or after he has been formally charged.
3 weeks ago my husband was changing a flat tire; police came by and saw he had cup; asked if alcohol in it and he said yes; they gave him breathalizer which I believe indicated above legal limit. Took him for a blood test but have not yet received results. He was taken to jail since his car was towed but released. We are assuming he will be charged since yesterday we received mail from about 10 local lawyers advertising for DUI cases. This is a first offense and he is 72 years old.
He should get an attorney as soon as possible. Don't wait for the formal charges to come in the mail. You could...