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Husband was involved in an OWL. Its his first offense and we don't know what to expect?
He was involved in the owl as stated above. He has a perfect record. Has never been in any kind of trouble before. We were told to plead not guilty at his arraignment so that we would get legal representation. We were given another date to return to court but were told that we are not allowed to be issued a state representative since it is a misdemeanor charge. We have no money to hire one ourselves. The man we spoke to did say that we would speak briefly to an attorney representing the state but he is not on our side. We have no idea what to expect or do and we have two weeks til the next hearing. Will this State rep bargain with us for a guilty plea? What do we do?? All we want is a restricted work license and for him to be able to travel to see his kids at Christmas. Thats all we want..
1. How do you know that you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer? Call around and ask: many lawyers will talk to...
Can I apply for a MI CPL in three years from a second DUI I received after 9 years of my first in not 'punishable as a 2nd DUI'?
Had a CPL. Revoked because of my DUI. It shows that I cannot obtain one until after 8 years for a DUI 'punishable as second DUI' - MCL 257.625(9)(b). My conviction was 9 years after my first DUI and shows MCL 257.625 1 C on the court papers.
It appears your second DUI was a conviction for OWI w/ BAC of .17 or more. After a conviction of this sort, you must...
Will I be drug tested in court?
I got pulled over for speeding and turned out I had a suspended license for failure to pay a fine I irresponsibly forgot about. I was arrested. I have court in 28 days. When I was being booked an officer found two Percocet in my wallet. I have a script for them from two weeks ago from a dental surgery. I did not have the script bottle with me but can prove that I have it. They are not charging me with anything related to this. But I'm worried it may trigger the judge to drug test me. I smoke marijuana daily and not legally either. Obviously, I'm done smoking until after this is all over but I'm sure there would still be traces of thc in my system by the time of my court date. What are the chances of the judge asking me to drug test? If I'm not being charged with any drug charges is it my right to deny a drug test in the event that they do ask?
Stop smoking now and remain clean at least while this case is pending. It is possible that the court will ask about...
The 10 year rule of a suspended license, Does it mean it is now clear & can I apply for a drivers license without any problems?
It's been difficult to find work/income without a drivers license. I had 2 DUI's back in 2004 in Michigan, the 10 year rule does that mean my suspended license is now clear & can I apply for a driver's license in Florida
Once you are suspended in one state, you will need to clear that up before another state will give you a license. I...
How long jail time for possession charge on probation?
My boyfriend has been on probation for some time now and has suspended license.. he went to jail for a week a few months ago for driving on suspended license and he just got a possession of Marijuana charge. They took him in on september 28 and said he had a hearing on the 5th. How long will he being in jail?
He can go to jail for the remainder of the time owed for the original charge and then he can go for the new charge. so...
How long can the jail hold my son without an arraignment on drunk and disorderly,and resisting and obstructing?Bond has been set
He was arrested 9-21-16,went to mental health facility then back to jail about a week ago so far no arraignment.When I called them they said the jail hadnt let them know yet he was back in jail and would put him on a list for video arraignment. Its been over a week.
He certainly should have been arraigned considering your posted arrest date. However, if his Bond has been set then...
What will most likely happen after a DUI while on probation for non DUI misdemeanor
Got into a accident that was not my fault no one hurt but blew 1.7. I have the arraignment tomorrow which I plan to plead not guilty and get a lawyer (should I go with a appointed?) I have been on probation for over a year for theft over 1000. What is most likely going to happen?
The high BAC drunk driving will treat you as though the first offense does not exist except for purposes of creating a...