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He has been on parole since 2004 and wont get untill 2021, he hasnt been in any trouble since and has has no contact with the law he has also held steady work and has made a huge change and made something of himself since he was released, but he isnt perfect and has a chance of failing a test only for THC which is not the drug he went to jail for so i would really appriciate some expert advice
You know darn good and well that this guy's parole could get revoked if he has a positive drug test. I know you are...
I had not drank in more then six hours and then completely blacked out, was acting crazy, I normally never act in this behavior. I stole my grandmas car was in an accident and got a D.U.I, resisting arrest, and many other charges. I do not remember anything that happened. Can being on new medication the reaction I had and more then ten years of mental health problems help me with my case? Do Judges give people with four or more D.U.I within ten years give alternative sentences other then prison?
Schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney and provide these details.
Do they consider drug court in Alabama for a felony D.U.I and do they take in consideration if you have more then ten years of mental health issues? What can I do to help my case so I do not go to Prison or have to serve Jail time?
DUI does not normally qualify for drug court. You need to hire an attorney and see what they recommend.
My 20 yo step son received a DUI charge after a single car accident with no property damage. He was told after the first FBT that he blew ".09, .11,...still climbing" The second he was told .06. The intoxilyzer at the jail he was told 0.11. He said he wasn't advised of his Miranda rights.
You must speak to a attorney in your area that handles this kind of thing, I would say you have some hope, but I wouldn'...
Til and asked to take a breath test he officer give me a road test then ask me to take a breath test and i refused. I was taken to jail and asked again to take a breath test and refused and was locked up for 24 hours with a 1000 bond. I had 4 dui's in 1984 28 years ago
You should be treated as a first time offender. They might have a difficult time convicting you in this case.
the first DUI was dropped because I pleaded to minor in possession in a plea deal (and there was no evidence) I blew .03 on this one which is between the .02-.08 allowed for first offense" baby dui " .. I just need to know if it is my first offense and if I can use AL state code 32-5a-191 for this offense. thank you very much, I plan on going to law school and I am terrified this won't allow me to get my law license.
In the first offense, if the court convicted you of "minor in possession" (i.e., minor in consumption) and not DUI,...
I have 2 prior dui's one was 4yrs ago and the last one was this past February. When I got arrested I for public intoxication, I was not very nice to the police but they didn't charge me with anything other that public intoxication, I had a signature bond to get out. I'm trying to find out if I'm facing jail time.
It is of course possible with any misdemeanor. But get good defense counsel and you should be fine. You are correct in...