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Charged with 2nd DUI, not intoxicated
I got charged with a 1st DUI last year after having a fender-bender. I am on rx medication for chronic pain, oxycontin, when I told the police officer I hadn't been drinking and was only on rx med, he went nuts when I said oxycontin. I refused the blood test, ended up pleading an alford. Then a few months ago, I got into an argument with a guy, after I left he called the police and told them I was drinking and snorting pills out of a bag. The police pulled me over, my BAC was zero, he tore my car apart looking for pills and alcohol, found none He said I failed the field sobriety test because I didn't count loud enough, therefore didnt' follow directions and that I couldn't keep my balance, which I couldn't because of my injury and chronic pain.I am fighting it because the call was bogus
it sounds like it was bogus. Make sure to contact an attorney who is knowledgeable about DUI. Sounds like you have a...
Do i need a paid lawyer?
i live in mount sterling ky and i recently got a second dui, i blew a .23 can a paid lawyer do more for you than a public defender can? i wont lie i am guilty and very wrong for what i did.i got laid off the same day i got this dui so money is kind of tight i talked to a local lawyer he wants 1500.00 to take the case.but he really isnt saying much im a single father rasing three kids and things are hard but losing my liecense and possibly going to jail will make things harder and im all the family my kids and i have what should i do?thank you for your time
That is an excellent question. It is not a question of what you pay an attorney. It is a question of lawyers skill...
My dad has a DUI first time and terroristic threatening 3rd degree and a menacing charge to all within two day can he go to jail
He has not ever been in trouble with anything in his past this is first time and on the DUI charge the vehicle was not even running it was setting in the front yard but I always keep the keys in the ignition.
Asker, you didn't ask a question here. What's your question> ? Your dad is going to need to hire an attorney to...
Will I still be able to have my DUI expunged?
One year ago I plead guilty to a DUI charge in Kentucky. I was told i could have it expunged if I kept my record clean for 5 years. Unfortunately, this past weekend I received a ticket for an open container violation in Oxford, Mississippi. (I was not in a car, rather walking on the street).
The statute is clear that ther must be 5 years of clear conduct. Retain a lawyer in Oxford. The lawyer may be able to...
Do I have to take classes again?
I got a 2nd DUI Feb. 2013. In Indiana. I have a Kentucky DL. I took required classes and was on probation in Indiana. After I did all my classes and paid my probation. The probation released me early. I wasn't aware My Kentucky DL had been suspended until last week when I was going to get a Indiana DL. Frankfort Ky DMV said they won't accept my classes they should have been been turned in immediately after completion. I had no idea. Now they want me to do 36 weeks of classes again. Can There be a loop hole or way to fight this? Thank You.
There may be. You should definitely hire a Kentucky attorney to see if they can obtain your course history and apply...
I live in ky and recieved a dui here and now florida is holding it against me suspended me for life how is this legal?
it is a 4th in my life time dating back 25 yrs. 3 in florida
Florida's DHSMV web site lists the following for a 4th DUI: 4th DUI or Subsequent DUI Conviction - You must serve 5...
After getting a DUI in CA and now living out of state, how can I get my BAC lowered for a 1650 waiver?
I received a DUI in 2013, started my program in Mar, 2014 but was dropped (8/4/14) for missing too many classes and failure to pay. I have been working on this from KY all year with no success. I had a warrant, got it recalled, have had my SR22 for 7 months, applied for a 1650 waiver but was denied because my BAC was a .22 and the MAU says this prohibits me from being eligible without an amended abstract lowering it below a .20. DMV gave me 3 options, to get it lowered, to re-enroll/drop and pay some fines, and to return to CA to finish it entirely. I have a life and a job in KY I can't leave for the amount of time it would require to settle options 2 and 3. I've been without a license for some time and need it back ASAP.
The amended abstract of judgment seems like the best option, but it would be very difficult to get, I think. Imagine...