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Pulled over for license plate expired. Had 2.5 beers 2-3 hours before driving. Female/5'8/125lbs. Passed all the field test. Still blew .12 at the station. I had a kidney stone and kidney infection that hit that very next morning . Is it possible that this could be the reason I still blew .12 after not having a drink for hours before driving and if so, should I even bother bringing it up? My friend who had not had anything to drink pulled over and was waiting for me, but the officer went up to him and told him that they would have allowed me to leave with him, but that I had requested him to leave. What should I expect the outcome to be with no previous record or tickets? Should I hire an attorney?
Yes, you absolutely need an attorney. DUI offenses are rarely deferred or changed by prosecutors due to the political...
I wasn't in the vehicle upon arrival of police. Passerby saw me exit but not driving. I was blackout drunk and told the cop my buddy was driving. Then told him I was driving then told him my GF was driving. Consented to field sobriety test blew. 21. My buddy that took off running is willing to come forward and say he was driving. Do I have a good chance of beating the case..
1. the case may be proven with circumstantial evidence of driving; 2. "willing to come forward" isn't the same as...
Tomorrow will be my 4th time.i have no lawyer and they just keep saying the prosecuter is not ready,i have never been in front of a charges are dui an expired insurance
There is no limit. If you wish to move it past this stage demand a trial. That would be a mistake. The biggest...
I was pulled over at 2 in the morning on the 14th and officer said he pulled me over due to speeding, and then asked the ? have you been drinking, I did fair on sobriety test, but i was so scared that my nerves had me shaking so bad I told them I couldn't do it, but I agreed to the chemical test at the jail, i spent 10.5 hrs in custody and released on personal recognize...I'm scared I'm going to lose my license and I have a job I can't afford to lose, I've been with the company for almost 5 yrs now..what does the court do to first time offenders in cases like mine?
Usually on your first appearance the judge will ask how you plead and you want to plead not guilty. Judge will give...
I live in louisville ky and caught a charge owi (d felony ) sentence:1.5 year susp t o prob to 5 actual days . prob term 1.5 ,driver license suspense retroactive 6/5/12 , 30 days suspension /180 days restrictive . my question is i went to sign up for probation and they said the PO will have deciding factor on if i have to take classes and i ask my lawyer if take plea do i take classes she said no . is this true can they make me take the classes if already served sentence of 5 days and then took the plea without it written on ? sorry forgot to say i caught the charge in clark county indiana(jeffersonville ) , i currently live in Jefferson County, Kentucky. louisville ky . also would i need to do anything for louisville since done in indiana
Participating in a substance abuse evaluation and following the recommendations of any evaluation and usual and...
they told me thatsince i didnt have an attorney present my license was suspended until my next court date. But that i could get an attorney to file a curious as to what motion that is.
There are a number of variables which could impact this situation and change my answer. Keep that in mind while...
15 years ago I had some problems as a young man. I straightened my life up, went to university and am currently teaching at a university South Korea. Unaware I recently learned I have a 1994 bench warrant in Indiana and was wondering the best way to handle the situation. Any advice would be much appreciated.
A lawyer can probably take care of it for you, depending on the circumstances of the case.