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I have lost my job And know I cannot work because of my disability. How much volunteer work can I do to pay off my fines and court fee. Also is a court cost the same as service fees?
I can't speak directly to the laws of KY, but in NY there is no option to "work off" your fines. You owe the fines and...
back in 2012 I was driving under the influence but wasn't charged with a dui even though the arresting police officer tried to but I blew right under the limit at .08 my charges was amended down to public intoxication of controlled substance excluding alcohol and a possession of open container. Even though people have said a dui Is way more worse then what I was charged with it just sounds like I was on cocaine when I wasn't on any type of illegal street drug I just don't understand why I wasn't just charged with just a public intoxication and I just don't know what to explain to jobs that I apply for because it makes me seem like I have a problem with drugs
You are late by two years to raise these questions which should have been asked at plea bargaining or developed at trial.
Suspected drugs. Is it possible that his probation won't be revoked, won't be sent to prison?
Your son needs the best criminal defense attorney he can afford. The new DUI must be successfully defended and with a...
In march of 2010 I was hit by a drunk driver who did not have insurance. HE was ordered to pay 50 dollars a month until I was repaid to fix my car. I received about 2 payments then never heard anything more about it. I could really use the money and was wondering what all I need to do. I still have the police report but that is it and I do not know who to contact or what to do to recover my money
If he was ordered to pay by the court, check with the clerk in the county that he was arrested in.
I was convicted of a DUI in Alabama on a Florida's driver's license 20 years ago. I started but did not complete the DUI classes in Alabama, and I had to spend 30-days I jail because of this. I have now lived in Kentucky for the past 13 years and I want to get a Kentucky driver's license. I've called the Florida DMV for a clearance letter, but I am told that I will need to pay a re-instatement fee and attend a DUI school. I have no problem with the re-instatement fee, but isn't there a statute of limitations on my requirement for the DUI school. I was told it is because I haven't been issued any other state license since the Florida suspension.
Well, it is your choice. Do what they say, or don't get the restriction removed.
I got a DUI in 1991 in Bowling Green Kentucky. It's the only thing I've got in KY, but I do have a felony out of Florida in 1998. Can I still get the 1991 DUI expunged?
You need to contact a criminal defense attorney in the Bowling Green area to seek their advice on filing a motion for...
So back in january of 2014 i plead guilty to dui 1st and only charge. And now 6 months after i wrecked my car on the highway while driving under the influence but didn't hit any other vehicle. Officer came into the scene when a citizen call them. I was on probation for 2 years. so it was a violation of my probation and also i had completed the dui classes and everything was done with. Now i was locked up for 4 days for my 2nd offense and was released on in home incarceration. i got a hearing on August 13th but i want to get professional advice on how i could amend my dui down. There is a very good lawyer whom i have heard about through a friend of mine who used o be a judge and is very well know he has dismissed many dui charges. Ps. it was a aggravated dui.
You're in a world of hurt, especially because this is your 2nd DUI WHILE on probation with an accident. I've seen some...