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In NH, if I have a 1st offense DWI reduced to a penalty after a year, do I still have to wait 10 years to have it annulled?
More detail: In NH I understand that I have to wait 10 years after the conviction of a first-time DWI to begin the annulment process. If I have it reduced to a penalty after a year's time, do I still have to wait until 10 years have passed to have it annulled from my record? Furthermore, if I have an unrelated misdemeanor conviction prior to the first-time DWI, am I able to remove that misdemeanor before 10 years, or am I still stuck waiting for the time required to clear the DWI to pass before I can annul anything?
A DWI first offense in New Hampshire is charged as a class B misdemeanor. The law permits a court to reduce the...
Was I actually arrested? Did he have the right to impound our car? Should he have read our rights?
I was in a car that had was pulled over for speeding, the driver was 21 yrs old and had NOT been drinking. There was also 3 20 yr olds and myself in the car, I am 21 yrs old. There was beer in the car and myself and one of the 20 yr old had been drinking. Everyone in the car was taken into custody and the car was impounded for 24hrs. I was finger printed and the officer took mug shots on his cell phone, I was also never read my rights. I was charged with providing alcohol to a minor because one of the 20 yr old had been drinking as well. The officer told us that he was "doing us a favor and not making us pay bail". Was I actually arrested? and if so, did he have the right to impound our car even if the driver was sober and over 21? Should he have read me my rights?
The officer is only required to Mirandize (read your rights) if they begin questionning you if you are in custody. To...
Can I get my suspension reduced for a DWI in NH?
I had a 3rd DWI in NH and was charged with a DWI 2nd. I am 1 yr into a 3 yr suspension. I attend AA 3-4 times/week, have completed all my State criteria for the suspension and have my Dr, LADC and Counselor willing to testify that I am not considered a risk at this point for repeat behavior. I need to drive to get to work.
Unfortunately you cannot get your license back. You are also not eligible for limited driving privileges to drive to work.
Need some help. Got a few dwi's one in mass and two in nh
I got a 1st dwi in 2005 in nh. On my 21st birthday. Then i did good for awhile and in 2013 i got a dui in mass they charged me with second offence. Went a whole year in court and as that was going on i got another in nh. Nh charged me with a first cause it was so close to being 10 years from my one in 2005. Well the nh one and mass one ended in court about 2 weeks apart. In oct. 2014. I have sense cleaned my act up and have been sober sense 2014. I have done all the programs necessary. So i went down to mass hearing and the hearings officer said "the computer didnt know if you were from mass or nh. So it was only a year suspension but now looking at your record its a second." i said i know the courst suspended me and charged me with 2nd offence. Its been 2 years now. She said "well you will prob be suspended for another year. Once i plug this in." Now how is that? Because a computer messed up i now have a 3 year loss of license? And the computer never let nh know. So my questions is that legal for them to do that? And now what of nh will they come after me for a second dui? Should i go to the nh dmv and turn myself in so they dont add more next year???
You should consult with DUI lawyers in both states. They can look at your record and advise you on how to get your...
Upcoming charges, is jail time basicallly a definite?
I know someone who has a lengthy list of charges, 1 failure to appear for driving after suspension, 2 driving after after suspension, AND 2 dui (within 2 years of the first one, making a total of 3) They are nervous they are going to jail, is it basically a definite?
Best to get local criminal defense/DUI/DWI counsel involved as circumstances of each charge must be considered.
Why was I arrested for DWI, non alcohol related, when there was no DRE officer there?
I was up all night the evening before due to an insect infestation. I had to turn over a friends apartment in New Castle for some renting guests on the following day. Prior to arriving there, I was exhausted so I decided to pull over and take a nap before I started work. I turned the car off and slept. Two officers arrived and woke me up, telling me I looked dead (im a very heavy sleeper, AND I have fallen asleep at the wheel-totally sober-twice in my life and ALWAYS pull over when I'm tired) In any case they didn't suspect me of drinking, but asked me to do a walk & turn @ eye test-thats it. I was arrested and they brought me to have blood drawn. I thought they had to have a Drug Recognition Expert conduct a 12 step process?
they can arrest you based on removing what they feel is an unsafe driver from the road. Depending on the blood results...
How will a dwi(Sub) class a misdemeanor affect me in New Hampshire
I was convicted of dwai in new York state in 2012. Recent charge was under influence of drugs blood test Donot know results
If convicted the mandatory sentence is a 3 year loss of license, $750 fine plus 24% penalty assessment, mandatory time...