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Six months ago, my son who only had his learner's permit, took the car without my knowledge to go to a friend's house after I had gone to bed after midnight. He hit a parked car. He was arrested for DUI but passed his breathalyzer and blood test came back negative. The charges were dropped. He will be getting his driver's license in 3 months and I am wondering what will show up when the insurance company pulls his record. When I add him as a driver, I will have to reveal that he had an accident. Will they pull the police report and see that he was arrested? How will that affect our insurance?
You should contact a local attorney to see if the arrest can be expunged.
In 2010 I plead no contest to my 2nd Dui. I completed my jail time, paid my fines, and had about half of my classes completed. I ended up having to move out of state very abrubtly due to employment issues. New Orleans does not offer any type of classes. I have been going to AA when I can, and a group therapy session.. I have no plans to return to California, but I would like to finally pay my respects to the court and get this resolved. What are my options?
First, you need to hire an attorney to go into the court and recall a the bench warrant for failure to do the SB38...
Can I get into a program and have the charges dropped or reduced?
You will likely have options if this is your first charge and there is no injury. You should retain an attorney for the...
I believe legally, that a 50cc can't be driven on L.A. roads. Please clarify this loophole in the law. Thank you.
I see no one on avvo has answered your question. Consider calling a local LA DUI lawyer for a free consult.
New Orleans dropped their charges, the state has not contacted me or filed charges.
Louisiana law is different than many states. Get a consult with a local attorney.
was arrested for dui in pensylvania about three yrs ago but moved for financial reasons before a court date was given. i cannot travel back home for financial reason and need to know how to get the case transferred to new orleans
I am neither a PA nor a LA lawyer but I do know something about venue and jurisdiction issues and can say, in general...
Had a DWI and reckless operation
I would say that you have two options: 1) contact the court to see if they have the forms. Many courts have forms with...