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First DUI offense I was 20 years of age BAC was a .082. What should my license suspension be?
I also had a hand gun in the car when i was pulled over. the gun was not registered to me and i also did not have a license to carry permit. does this affect my license suspension or anything else regarding the dui? my whole case is over with now and i received a 12 month license suspension is this what i should have gotten?
The answer is yes, 12 months for your DUI and the gun charge has no bearing on the suspension. BUT these are...
First time dui do I need an attorney
Got my first dui that not in question hoping I don't lose license clean record never been arrested
Absolutely you need one. A first time DUI mandatory MINIMUM sentence can be anywhere from no jail time no license...
What are some ways to have my case continued for dui 90 - 180 days?
under the notion I'm living in a recovery house and would appreciate the opportunity to complete the program?
I would suggest hiring counsel that handles DUI cases in the County where this occurred. Every County handles things...
Will I be able to obtain a license to carry a gun in Westmoreland County, PA if it is ten years after my third DUI?
First DUI in 2008, second DUI in 2009, and third DUI in 2014.
Because of the amount of DUI's, you would not be permitted to receive a permit to carry. There is an appeal process,...
I have 3 DUI convictions in Westmoreland County in 10 years. Can I get a concealed carry license for a gun?
1 ard, 2 guilty pleas,no incarceration
You will not be approved with two misdemeanor convictions for dwi
Is there any way to get a suspended license back early the original suspension was dui related?
In 2007 I received a 2nd DUI and had my license suspended for a year. After the year was up I needed to get the interlock system but never did. In April of 2010 I got charged with driving on a suspended licenses and again in June. then in July I got a eluding charged ( all charges were misdemeanor). Being that all the charges were so close together the state suspended my licenses till 2018. I know it no excuse but was going through hard times in those few months. I have not had any traffic issues since. However I am now in jeopardy of loosing my job because I can not drive. So I was wondering if there was any way to get the suspension lifted early and get my license back. I hope you can help thanks for your time.
PennDOT enforces the absolute letter of the law on license suspensions. You cannot get a suspension lifted early....
In Armstrong County,Pennsylvania, can I purchase a firearm while participating in ARD program for DUI.
Will the background check return a denial?
A criminal background check will reveal no convictions so you will not admit on the applic a tion you were convicted of...