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DUI, pleaded no contest, child neglect w/o harm, charges dropped; keeping me from nursing job - lawyer says i can't expunge?
in 2005 I plead no contest to DUI and charges of child neglect w/o harm were dropped. However, it still shows up on my background check. I have since changed my life and graduated at the top of my nursing class. I applied to FL state board of nursing and they approved me -- I am now a nurse, but no one will hire me because of the DROPPED charge of child neglect. My lawyer says I cant expunge OR seal because of ajudication. My research shows I should be able to at least seal the child neglect charge. Is this so? If so, what do i need to do? I cant support my children like this and I'd REALLY like to get off of government support and pay my own way. Not that it matters at this point, but I wasnt driving. My now exhusband beat me up and left the scene -- left the kids and me there.
Your lawyer is correct. Because you were adjudicated on the DUI, you are not eligible to seal or expunge your record.
I have 4dui in north Florida, what penalty who I would be looking at if I got caught driving?
The last two our over 10 years apart
If your are caught driving on a license that has been permanently revoked for DUI you are likely looking at a felony...
I had 2 mixed drinks Saturday night until1am and have to go check in Monday for a urine test should I be worried. 5'2 100lb male
I had two mixed drinks of crown and coke saturday night stopped drinking at 1a.m. and have to check in Monday for a urine test should I be worried. Can wait till Wednesday morning if I absolutely have to. Small 5'2 100lb male ate that day and that night and all day the next day pee several times Sunday.
I assume you are referring an "80 hour" ETG test. This test can be extremely sensitive. Solvents and hand sanitizers...
I got a dui and was speeding, is this jail time?
I got pulled over for doing 40 mph over the speed limit and I got a dui shortly after. Does this mean I am getting jail time? Or what should I do. This is my first time offense.
I am confused by your wording, is this two separate instances, or just one? The 40 over is an arrestable offense as is...
Pee test
I will be put on probation today and will most likely not pass a drug test. Do they count that against me or do they give u a Grace period
Every jurisdiction is different, but generally speaking you won't be violated for a dirty urine test on the first try.
My son was on probation in one county when he got a dui in another county. He served all the time for the dui in that county
should the time he spent in the other county on the dui charges since they put a hold on him and took him directly to the county that he violated, should the time he did for the dui be counted concurrent?
Each state is different and I'm sure some Florida attorneys will weigh in. In MN it is prohibited by law if both...
My daughter was 19 and got a underage drinking and driving ticket will is go away?
she got pulled over and they suspended her license for 6 months and she had to take a class. She was not scheduled for a court appearance or anything that was all that was told to do. also in her driving class she had to attend it said her ticket would be dropped because she was under the legal age of 21. but I am not so sure if this is true. Also she had other people in charge of the class tell her her ticket was a underage drinking ticket only. could you help clarify this?
I am speculating here, but it sounds like she was charged under Florida Statute 322.2616. Violating this statute isn't...