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I am on probation for a DUI and on my way to a half way house for a year. Can I leave the country without being caught?
2 DUI and I want to join the french leigon. They will take me but I have to get out of the country. I know ill violate but I dont ever plan on coming back. But I was curious to know the possibility of them catching me before I get out of the country? Do they run my social and see im on probation?
Don't be stupid. You will eventually be caught and completely regret your decision. You are going to treatment for a...
Can I get house arrest?
I am charged with my second DUI. I haven't been to court yet,and I have completed some aa classes. While I was attending class I found out I was pregnant. Can I get house arrest??
There are too few details given to provide a meaningful answer.
I had a dui in new Hampshire, I paid my fine but never went to dui school. I no longer live in new Hampshire,
I no longer live in new Hampshire and would like to get license
Failure to attend the school is probably a violation of your probation and could result in a warrant being issued. I...
Would i be extradited for felony d.u.i if i lived in Tennessee but got the D.u.i in Texas?
I got 10 yrs paper i am from Tennessee but work in Texas But would like to move back would i be extradited back and have to face the original 5 yrs in the pen if i got arrested in Tennessee or Georgia
This answer depends mostly on whether Texas wants to pay for your extradition. The state that orders the extradition...
How I can get a dui dropped or reduced to reckless driving?
I was parked in a Arbys parking lot asleep. I was there waiting on someone to leave from work but didn't know they were already gone an decided to sleep while waiting. I was some by officers an ask to step out of my truck. They did blood alcohol an the touch your finger to your nose which I didnt understand the test. I couldn't do the walk a straight line because I have a bad injured foot. My keys were also out of my ignition laying in my console.
Anything is possible; whether or not it is probable is another story. Regardless, your odds at a favorable outcome...
Court says Dui an driving revoked I wasn't dui. An how can I get this looked at
I'm get out never ask me to do sobriety test. Just says going to jail because of revoked license due to my past. I go see the judge an he says Dui driving on revoked?? Is that legal?? Didn't impound the car let me call boss an wife
You cannot afford to waste time here get a lawyer now.
Is it possible to get a 2nd dui charge reduced to a 1st?
I got my first dui in 2013 and hired an expensive attorney that got it reduced to wreckless driving. Recently got my second dui charge but this time I cannot afford my expensive attorney and will get a court appointed.
Anything is possible but very difficult. Will depend on all the facts involved in your case. Court appointed...