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I have been on probation for four months. I have five years of probation. My probation officer is a reasonable man. This is my only violation while on probation.
Your best bet is to retain an attorney immediately.
My husband has been an Al. resident for 25 years. Has had only 1 speeding ticket in 25 years here . He went back home for a visit to Massachusetts. He got pulled over and blew a 0.8 after his sisters wedding party. It had been over 30 years since his last dui. The court system dropped the first on at age 17 and convicted him only on 2. His probation was for 2 years. It has been over 3 years and He went to renew his license and they said he had this on his license. They told us to go and take care of this so we did. We went in front of the board of appeals in Massachusetts. We had not heard from them or the attorney. I've tried to call email etc. to find out whats going on. Alabama never suspended his license and their still active to renew can this be taken care of down here.
Contact an AL attorney, you may be eligible for a Welch hearing.
My daughter over my social security and was try.ing to take care of things for me since she wasnot at court she had no knowledge. Of what I was suppose to do City: Pensacola
You may have a probation violation and/or warrant pending for you in Florida due to failure to complete certain...
I moved from AL to FL in Sept 2012. I got a DUI in FL with my AL DL in Feb 2013. I hadn't changed my license over yet. I hired a lawyer and had my conviction in August 2012. I lost my license for 12 months in Florida from conviction date, I was eligible for a hardship in November but had to register my car first. I went back to get my hardship in January 2014 but I was told I was placed on the NDR by AL and couldn't get my license until Sept. 2014. I contacted Alabama DMV today (4/3/14), and the person I spoke to told me they could credit me the 6-7 weeks to get my license back but I would need someone to fax them an official statement saying when my license was taken away. My license was taken away when I got the DUI (Feb 2013)... So shouldn't they credit that time from Feb to me?
You should speak with the lawyer that handled your DUI. You may need to hire him/her to help you get your license back...
I'm n dire straights because I feel like I was unlawfully detained & that yes I was n the wrong the cops that arrested me were completely n the wrong & I need advice & answers? On Jan29,2014 I went 2 my bank 2 cash a check. While sitting in line I noticed it was takin a long time for teller 2 cash my check but no worries I'm a patient woman so I continue texting friends. Finally I receive my $ from teller & as I pull away a cop taps my window & ask me 2 pull 2 the side of the bank. After doin so he proceeded 2 approach my window & ask me if I knew why he was stopping me I then replied no sir & he said because he had been watching me from somewhere & he noticed I had fallen asleep while waiting on my check 2 b cashed. I then told him I was sorry but I didnt notice but I was really tired fro
The facts you present raise a number of issues, including what happened after the arrest. In any event, you need an...
see above
You will need to re-post this inquiry in the Florida 'criminal defense' section. Better yet, it would be advisable to...
I got a dui in Ca in tje late 80's. I moved away and never went to court. I find myself needing to fly into Ca then on into Mexico. I am a little apprehensive about going, how can I check, do I need to worry.
Depends entirely on the state of California. Theoretically, your name and identifying information should have been...