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I had gastric bypass & was pulled over for speeding but arrested for DUI when I was not drunk. Can I use this as a defense?
I was driving home from work from a night club crying after being harassed & threatened by a fellow employee. At work I had 1 miller lt. beer, a glass of water, then a glass of plain cranberry juice & an additional 1/4 glass of water before leaving to go home. I was not impaired and had no effects from the alcohol. I was upset & crying when I was pulled over for speeding. I admitted my guilt for speeding and told the deputy what had happened. Because my eyes were "red" he wanted to know if I was smoking anything. When I said no he asked if I had been drinking and I said, I had 1 beer.I did 2 field sobriety tests which I passed then a breath test which I was sure I would pass but came up .08 then .09 @ station. I had gastric bypass & I'm sure that's why my BAC came up so high w/just 1 beer.
You'll need medical proof and testimony. Of course, if the reduction of your tummy means you absorb alcohol quicker,...
Aiding and abetting DUI
What are the consequences for aiding and abetting if I let someone drive my vehicle and didn't know they had been drinking?
If you are convicted of Aiding and Abetting a DWI, you will receive the same punishment (and other consequences) as a...
I was driving my room mates car and got a dui and totaled the vehicle .the passanger in the car is trying to sue me.
For the medical bills over 20000 that was all the owners ins would cover.the ins company wants mty mother to pay with her ins.What sould i do?
If you were insured under her insurance, it should pay. If you were not insured it should not pay. Submit claim and...
If my girl friend is driving my car and gets a dwi am i financially reponsible
what is my financial reponsibily if my girl friend gets a dwi while driving my car
Your financial repsonsibility to whom? The girlfriend? Was she involved in an accident? Unless someone was injured...
Moving from NC to Texas on a limited driving privilege, due to a DUI. What's the way to go about getting my license in Texas?
I was convicted of my first DWI in North Carolina. I blew .10. I was given a suspended sentence. North Carolina law requires a one year suspension for first DWI and the judge gave me a limited driving privilege which is in effect until August 2016. I am moving to Texas in October. How can I drive legally in Texas? Alternatively, I may not completely move but will definitely spend some time in Texas, will my North Carolina limited driving privilege be valid?
If you had an attorney for your DUI conviction, first see if they will help you in this area. Every state is different...
My DUI was dismissed; can the DA re-file charges in the future?
In July of 2013 I rear-ended a car at a stoplight and was charged with failure to reduce speed and a DUI (this is in North Carolina.) After two years of this being continued by the state, due to cops not showing up and blood results not being back yet, the DA dismissed the DUI and I pled guilty to the accident. I started thinking though; when my blood results do finally come back from could the DA re-file the charge? Also, how would I go about getting the charge expunged from my record? Would I need to hire a lawyer again?
In NC, it's a DWI. Get a lawyer to check to see if your case was voluntarily dismissed "with leave" or not. If...
Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?
I got an underage drinking ticket at a traffic stop, blew a .03. I am 20 years old and I was wondering if I should get a lawyer to help with the process or if I should just go to court and plead guilty. Here are the numbers (G.S. 20-138.3) and (G.S. 18B-302(B)(3))
I would strongly recommend that you do speak to an attorney before just admitting to the crime by pleading guilty....