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Will a DWI charge stick if you were walking and not behind the wheel.
My son got hurt on the job and came home with a big knot on the side of his head and his eyelid lacerated whereas 1/8 of his eyelashes were cut off with the skin. He was falling coming up the stairs saying he was delirious. He laid down for a few minutes and left the house and while out he bought some beer but before making it back he wrecked his car trying to pass through the toll booth lane which he couldn't really gage with a bloody eye. So he got out the car and started walking, since he didn't have his phone to call for a ride. He took the beer he bought and was drinking it while walking down the road. He started walking back toward the car :45 min later and the cops drove up behind him and starting questioning him about the wrecked vehicle a little ways down and he admitted to drinking his beer after the accident and because of his earlier injuries that assumed it happened during the wreck and they arrested him for a DWI. Can that charge stick considering the circumstances?
It could stick, especially if he doesn't have competent representation. The best thing he can do by far is hire a...
How much jail time am I facing for a second dwi in Williamson county in Texas. How likely is probation?
I didnt do the breath test, but they did take blood. I don't know those results. I am not handling this very well. There was no wreck I was simply pulled over for driving dumb. I am worried my bac might be pretty high.
Jail time may not be the punishment. However, you may receive straight probation resulting in a conviction on you...
In 2012 I was charged with DWI, EVADING ARREST, AND ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY weapon.
I was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was suffering mental health and was forced to plea guilty to evading arrest and the DWI was dropped but because I was temporarily insane I was given 5 years of adjudication probation for the felony offense. Due to the fact that I can't pay probation because I am on disability benefits due to my mental illness I can't afford to pay for probation fees and only have one year of probation left with outstanding fees and my lawyer did not take my mental illness in consideration and instead told me that because of my actions which was hitting several cars on the highway that he just knew my toxicology report would come back with drugs in my system and that it was not mental health related, when in fact I had been previously seeing a psychiatrist before the insident took place. I no longer had insurance and did not have the medical insurance I needed, He was aware of this and found the situation to be humorous and did not properly defend me.
Did you have a question that you forgot to ask?
In the state of Texas can your license be suspended for "attemped" possession of marijuana?
I was arrested for possession under 2oz and I am trying to get it reduced to attempted possession.
The transportation code says that your license will be suspended upon conviction for a violation of the Controlled...
Is it against the law for an attorney to go before the judge in on my behalf in Wilco CC1, in order to obtain the signed ODL/DWI
I have relocated out of the county after filing my own petition for ODL. I was told to come back to the courts on TUES or THURS and be signed in before 830am. I asked if I could have an attorney to come instead and she said yes. However, my attorney said it was against the law for him to show up. Im confused because a friend of mine had his atty to obtain it without his presence. What should I say to my attorney. Where in the law should I direct him to show proof that it is okay for him to go without me having to leave my new job training. I have interlock system in my vehicle also.
An attorney can't represent you on just any old matter without some sort of agreement. Did you actually retain the...
How long will it take to go to court. Will he get a bond? Will it be low?
Husband detained ice pearsall, tx. Was arrested 2nd dwi charge. First dui about 2yrs ago, at that time, got an ins hold. Was detained and ice gave 4000 bond. He now has 1 dwi conviction. This time ice gave a no bond. We are married, 5 children-2 biological. We have a I-130 application submitted. I have gathered letters of good character from my family, my 12 year old, and employer who he is still empmoyed by and affidavit of support. On criminal side be has been ordered ignition blower and wanting to add scram to please immigration judge to give a low bond. We have submitted a bond redetermination motion 5/5/16.
He should be brought in immigration court for a bond hearing probably within the next week. You can ask for a gps as a...
Can I travel to Mexico with a misdemeanor DWI?
I had a first time DWI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems traveling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family. Seeking advice from attorneys closer to the border I suppose.
If you were represented by an attorney, your questions should be directed to that attorney. If you have a driving...