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If my room mate moved out and not on my lease and violated probation for drunk in public can the cops keep coming to my home
My old room mate violated probation for drunk in public and was issued a warrant to be picked up to handle matters
If your roommate is not on your lease, you do not know where he or she is and you have done nothing wrong, the police...
I received a DUI in Toano but I was not breathalyzed, what do I do now?
I was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, but I was not administered a breathalyzer test. I feel that I should have passed the test. I was then arrested for a DUI. This is my first DUI and I'm scared for the outcome. I don't want this to stay on my record. Is it possible to get a DUI removed from your record? What should I do next?
You can either win your case at trial or have the dui amended to another charge. Either way, you will need to hire a...
Can a dui in va be sealed? But not expunged
Want to know for employment
No, you cannot have any conviction sealed or expunged in Virginia. If you are found not guilty or the charge is...
What should I expect in court and what can I do to help myself? (VA 19.2-306)
I picked up a DUI in Oct 2011 and a DUI 2nd Dec 2011 in the James City County. I have since then completed my jail and began my ASAP counseling. On Nov 2012, I picked up an "Evading and Eluding" while on Colonial Parkway. I went to court in York Country Feb. 2013 for the charge and picked up a plea deal to drop the Drunk in Public and stick with the Evading and Eluding pending 2 years good behavior and enrolling into a PO program. Since then I have completed my 16 week behavioral course as well as my 4 week ASAP and have been compliant with my Probation Officer on all alcohol/drug screenings. I understand the Evading and Eluding from York brought up the violation of my DUI 1 and DUI 2, they are bringing back 85 days for the first and 9 months for the second. I have received a Show Case.
The Commonwealth's attorney will probably argue that you should do the rest of your time for violation of the "good...
I am on Unsupervised felony probation, I still owe fine but have been paying on them, Can I move out of State?
I was arrested on a third offence DUI in 2009, I was sentenced to 5 years in jail (3 suspended) and 15 years probation. I have served my time, and am now on unsupervised probation for over a year. I would like to move out of state. But I still owe fine. Will I be forced to stay until my fines are paid ?
Let me preface this by saying that I am licensed only in Ohio and generally deal wih only Ohio probation dealings and...
Why would I have gotten a show cause court appearance & what does it mean?
I was convicted of 1st offense dwi and had to do ASAP, counseling & get interlock. I got interlock and had a failed reading in jan, but feb and mar readings were clean. Why would I have gotten a show cause summons? Will they revoke my probation and make me serve jail time? I was never served with a summons for the court appearance. Found out about it when enrolling in ASAP because they were asking weird questions about my address and restricted license so I checked court website
The show cause represents an allegation that you have failed to comply with the court’s order. Compliance with the...
Driving after forfeiture of license ( Williamsburg , VA )
Pulled over tonight for defective equipment . Found out still had restricted license . DUI 2nd in 2010 , arrested February . I went to court in April for that . 1 year revoked . 2 years restricted . I thought my license was reinstated this month come to find out not until April . More than compliant as i have paid all my fines and completed asap . Honestly thought my license was back to normal and all i had to do in April was get a new copy without the code . my charges in 2010 were driving after forfeiture of license ( noble pr ) DWI 2nd ( m 10 days suspended ) refusal / blood breath ( noble pr ) defective equipment
It seems that you are asking two different questions. First of all, regarding the traffic infraction of defective...