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Can I sue for tripping over something in someones yard covered in snow even though I was intoxicated
I believe he has it on his security cameras
You can sue. The issues are whether the item was a tripping and whether the owner had actual or constructive notice it...
I'm on probation for my 3rd DUI, no violations, all court ordered requirements completed. Can I get my license back much earlier
My sentence is 5 years. I have a child and need to be able to get him to my sisters and back so that I can work. I was told if I have no violations I can get off in 2 1/2 years. I won't make it that long. I've passed all drug test.
Unfortunately many of these questions depend on the situation and your complete background. Without that info an...
I have to have an interlock put on my car and my husband is the one who got the dwi. its my car titled registered and insured. a
because hes in my household is why i do. hes off probation. why am i being punished. his driving priviages are revolked for a year so i will be the only one blowing into it.
I have heard that other states have these types of interlock requirements, which make absolutely no sense. If he had an...
Should I admit to everything in court?
I dont usually ever drink. I got in a car with some people, and they were drinking in the car. Driver was sober. I had 2 sips of the drink, to see how it tasted. I dont usually drink, so I guess my tolerance is really low, and it ended up showing positive on the breath test (though it was really low, either 0.01 or 0.02). We all initially lied at first and said there was no bottles, but the policeman searched and found some. I have a court hearing for a MIP charge in 2 weeks.The catch is that I'm going to the medical school/navy, and I cant afford to have this show up on my record. What should I do in court? Should I admit the truth, or deny even knowing there was alcohol? If they ask me questions in court, should I say that yes there was alcohol in the car, so should I deny knowing that
You don't have to admit to anything. The burden would be on the police officer to establish that you were indeed in...
Crossing into Canada with a DUI
I had a misdemeanor dui about a year and a half ago, how likely is it that I wouldn't be allowed to enter Canada from buffalo NY?
As you probably suspect, the USA and Canada share, in real-time, all arrest and conviction records with one another....
Is it possible to get my aggravated DWI case dismissed?
I was arrested for an aggravated DWI on halloween 2015, the sheriff arrested me and i was released and got a lawyer. The sheriff's department lost my paperwork that says that the breathalyzer was working correctly, and also there were some mistakes on my arrest report. My lawyer gave the sheriff's department 6 months to find my paperwork, which they didn't. After going to court dates every month for 6 months with nothing happening, they are finally negotiating a deal. My lawyer has been pushing me to get evaluated by TASC and is trying to work out a deal where I do TASC and they charge me with a violation instead of a misdemeanor. I don't really trust my lawyer and feel he is much too eager to help the DA and send me to TASC rather than get me the best deal. Is it possible this case could've been/can be dismissed? Or should I listen to my lawyer and go to TASC? He told me to make an appointment for evaluation with TASC and let him know when it was, that was 2 months ago and I haven't done it cause i want a second opinion, but also need to get this over with because it has been almost 9 months and i haven't even been sentenced yet. He hasn't even contacted me in months.
You should listen to your attorney. He has no interest in helping the DA. You are his client. A violation instead...
Driving after dwi , without interlock machine.
Me arrestaron en el 2014 por un dwi el juez me dicto un año a soplar una maquina le dije que no iba a manejar . No tengo ningun vehiculo registrado a mi nombre a mi nombre ni nada pero estoy manejando sin la maquina puesta quiero saver las consecuencias que puedo tener
Si usted es sorprendido conduciendo sin el IID podría enfrentar un cargo misdemernor y posible encarcelamiento.