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Can you get a probation violation if convicted of a DUI on unsupevised probation?
can you get a probation violation if convicted of a DUI on unsupevised probation?
If you are on probation and commut a other cri.e then yes, you have violated your probation. Obviously, a condition of...
How long will he sit in jail for
My fiancé was behind the wheel of a parked car but keys where in egnition. He was arrested for dui and we are from another state so bail bondsman don't want to help us. I have been sitting at the jail for 12 hours(as said we live in another state) and he's yet to be released. This is his first dui however he's on state parole
You are right there at the jail. You can ask them how long he might be held. But the problem worsens with the last two...
Adderall, Aspergers and Alcohol, DUI
I was arrested for a DUI not too long ago. Just to state a few facts, I began drinking at 7:30-8pm, had 2 doubles and a shooter. I stopped drinking at 9pm and was pulled over coming out of the parking lot for not having my correct headlights on at 12:30am. (It's a new car and I had an inebriated passenger who was trying to redo her seatbelt) I take ER Adderall and as a result also had very little to eat that day. I also have Aspergers Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental Autism Spectrum Disorder. When questioned, I offered to perform a sobriety test to prove the smell of alcohol wasn't coming from me as I hadn't had anything to drink for several hours. I felt stone cold sober, and was exhausted having been up for at that point, near 24 hours. Officer said I failed the field test and that I blew a .13 and arrested me. They did I blood test within the hour which supposedly came back .11. By 3am, I blew .04? How on earth was my BAC that high? Did the adderall do this? Is that why I'd felt sober since 10:30? Did my motor skills during the field test seem below par because of my Aspergers? And why did my BAC go down much quicker than the .01-.02 per hour? Help!
This post gives too much information that could be used to incriminate you. Contact Avvo to try to take it down, and...
What course do i take and were
i got a DUI Georgia and they say i need to complete a DUI course. it was 5 years ago. they nave suspended my licence here in va.
Call Chesapeake Bay ASAP at 552-1800.
What should I do and what are the possible defense and possible punishment.
Interlock for first time DUi in Virginia. I was driving home today from work and was able to pass the first test with interlock device. About 15 to 20 min later I was told to do the rolling retest. I was eating some trail mix and it locked me out after the retest. It locked me out for 5 min. After the 5 min I blew and after blowing the chord fell out and said communication error. After putting chord back in the device the test was passed within the 5 to 15 min test window that exists. No BAC at all. But it came up with an error code. I have not drank in 3 plus months. Been taking ETG piss tests weekly and have passed them all as well. I am concerned that I might get an interlock/probation violation. Have not received one yet. Had one 5 months ago. This would be my second if they count it. I have been told if you pass within 5 to 15 min window it's not considered a violation.
You should get in touch with your lawyer, because any problem with these devices puts you at risk of a violation...
Will my friend be able to change her status having a DUI?
My friend from another country has been in the USA with a J1 Visa for almost two years. Unfortunately, she got convicted of a DUI in court. As part of her punishment, she will have to take some classes of ASAP. Her Visa is expiring in March, 17th and she would like to know what kind of visa she should apply for in order to stay in the country a little longer and take those classes? It's very important to her that she leaves the country with everything right. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to have opinions.
She cannot extend her visa based on required DUI classes as ordered by the court. She must comply with the court...
Why do I have to do further treatment when my first caseworker said 10 weeks of vasap was it
I saw a caseworker12/15 ,had my interview and was told only had to complete10 weeks of vasap classes,completed that, went backroom get letter of completion,received that, but then I got a new caseworker that told me had to go for further treatment,first caseworker told me 10 weeks that was it,new one said because my BAC was so high I had to, but that was 2008 last convicted,been sober over a year now living in a sober house, I just don't understand this
You should go back to the attorney who represented you on the underlying charge to look into this. I think there are...