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Will I receive a summons for a DUI
A few days ago got pulled over after a night out. Took a breathalyzer and was over he legal limit. The officer said he was not going to arrest me but towed my car and said I would have to pick it up the next day from a towing company and told me to take a taxi home. Even though he did not arrest me and let me leave I'm still nervous about revisiting a summons about it.
You really should consult with a criminal defense attorney. Try not to post too many details about the matter on the...
I am a MA resident with a DUI in NH. All requirements completed, Do I need a hearing in MASS or just go to RMV with proof?
My suspension is coming near to the end, I completed all requirements for DUI < 21 . DUI in NH with MA license. Can I reinstate at MASS RMV after NH reinstates it?
As a Massachusetts license holder at the time of the offense you will need to provide the Registry with documentation...
Second Offense OUI - refused breathalyzer
I had one oui 11 years ago so I know that i might qualify for a 24d disposition as a first offender, however, the registry is a completely different animal so I think its an automatic 3-year loss of license plus the 45-90 day loss of license and an alcohol program - and the registry even might make me to go to the 14-day in-patient program. I was wondering if I'm correct on the above and if I'm on probation would i have problems leaving the state to start work in Colorado?
You should have either a private attorney or public defender to guide you thru this. As far as leaving the State for...
What happens in court when you have a DUI
Got a DUI and will be in court Feb 2 in boston/brighton district. Do I require an attorney or can I represent myself in order to save money?
As you may of heard "only a fool has himself for a client." Having said that, sure, you can represent yourself. However,...
How do I reinstate NH driver license after DUI with MA residency?
I was convicted of a DUI in NH as a NH resident with a NH drivers license. Since then I have moved to MA and plan on remaining here for the time being. I am having an incredibly difficult time finding an insurance company that will provide me with coverage and file the SR 22 with the DMV in NH as a MA resident. I contacted the MA RMV to see if they can just get me a new license and file an SR 22 with MA but they said I need to first re-instate in NH before converting anything to MA. I have tried nearly all insurance agencies and companies. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?
This question was previously asked and answered today. Please inquire under NH law question. Good luck!
Can I sue a college for revoking my acceptance based on a false positive drug test?
I was accepted into an online college that required a drug test. I ate a poppy seed bagel the day of the drug test which tested positive for morphine at 349 ng/mL. The school revoked my acceptance despite the policy of the hospital they are associated with that states they go by the federal limit of 2,000 ng/mL for opiates. I am upset that I spent over $650 on things like books, fees and a plane ticket to attend the first day of class. Also, this college is closely linked with my current profession and I am worried that word will get out that my acceptance was revoked due to a positive drug test. This is my reputation on the line in the small profession field that I work in. Moreover, I was given the run around for about a month on whether or not my I would be permitted to enter and it has been a very stressful and trying time.
If the acceptance is contingent on a drug test and the drug test (whether false or not) showed positive for drugs then...
Interlock removed early after zero violations for a year plus?
I am ordered to have the interlock device in my car for 2 years, once my suspension is over. A friend of mine has heard that if someone has no violations for a year plus in Massachusetts the hearing officer at the RMV may qualify for early removal. Is this true?
I have not heard about this. The statute ["Melanie's Law"] requires a full two years after all other OUI suspensions...