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Can I get early release from felony dwi probation?
I was convicted of felony dwi in 2011 and sentenced to 5 years probation and 90 days jail time. I have followed all my terms and not been rearrested, haven't failed any drug test (never was submitted to 1). The one thing is I have fallen behind with my probation payments ($30/month) due to periods of unemployment and very low paying jobs. Is there a possibility I may be granted early release a couple a months in advance and continue to pay the fee afterwards? I need to try to get my drivers license back to be able to recertify and resume my career. Thanks for your time.
Based on what your wrote it is not likely. But you should check with the attorney who represented you.
Can anything be done if someone is arrested for driving intoxicated and makes a Police Statement identifying me for a fight?
What can be done if someone who was arrested for being involved in hitting 3 parked cars while intoxicated, not his first offence, makes a statement that I was involved in a fight 5 months prior, after continuously saying for those 5 months to Police that he remembers nothing regarding the fight but names me. Can he change his statement wrongly accusing me of being involved in a fight 5 months prior because he was intoxicated?
People lie to the police all the time. The can change their story at any time but they are subject to extensive cross...
On the i821 form there is a question if ever being arrested I was for dwi but not found guilty yet cause refused the test .
Shoul I answer yes or not the case is still pending
Yes, you've been arrested but you haven't been convicted.
How do I go about reinstating my license?
I had a DUI in Florida in 2006. My sentence was: 30 days in jail - one (1) year probation and one (1) year Interlock device. I completed all except the interlock device, as I did not have a vehicle. I have not driven or had a vehicle over the past 8 years and wish to clear up the matter, however, was told that my license could not be released because I did not complete the interlock device segment. I was told that I needed to do so before a license could be reinstated. I do not understand how this can be done.
I think you should post your answer in the Florida forum. In New York there is no requirement to have the ignition...
Why is nassau county sent me a summons demanding my car which was also under arrest for dwi, i got my car back 3dayaftermy arres
My 1st encounter w the law, i was only charged w/ dwai after some condiotions, the car i was driving has no tickets or liens, but a few days ago i received a summons and its nassau county, it sayys they have the right to take my car due to the dwi charges, i never heard anything like this.. Are they allow to do this... Please help me
The law in Nassau County has recently changed. You need to consult with a local attorney. Under the law, the County has...
Suspended license
I received a letter in the mail today saying my license had been suspended due to alcohol or drug related issues . I have never been stopped by cops for any DUI . I paid 7 dollars for the dmv records and if indicates pending pros -ct bac . I have never gone for blood testing or have never been stopped the day it says complied April 13 . I was with my gf on a golf date and dinner date nothing more
Go to the DMV and see what the situation is.
What are the common penalties for a 3rd dwi offense, however the first was dismissed.
I'm currently facing my 3rd dwi offense. The first one got dismissed based on a plea bargain for the 2nd one which I was convicted of a misdemeanor. I got 3 years probation which I completed successfully and was discharged in only a year. They all happened in a 5 year span. The current charge is a felony. All 3 did not involve injuries, I was pulled over for running a red light on the 3rd one. The 2nd one was when I left a garage my rear tire hit the side street of the garage I was leaving and was immediately pulled over as there was a cop car parked right across the street facing the garage exit which I didn't notice until the lights went on. My question is if convicted will it be charged as 3rd offense or 2nd since the first got dismissed. And what is the possibility of getting jail time
Jail time is certainly a possibility. You should get yourself in an alcohol program immediately. With hard work and...