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I have a CA license. Received level l DWI. Will my license be valid after 30 day suspension and all other MN requirements met?
I pleaded guilty and have met all the probation requirements. I will not be returning to CA for 3 months.
No. Your right to drive in MN will require MN requirements, CA will suspend your CA license. What you need to do is...
Someone has a felony past & gets charged with fleeing on foot in 1 county & has a DUI warrant in another county. What Charges?
Cops had to go in the house and look for this person in the attic and a drug dog ended up finding the person. He has a felony past and has old warrant in another county for failure to appear on a old DUI from 8 yrs ago.
The question seems to supply the answer: if a person is apprehended on an arrest warrant for a pending DUI charge, and...
I was arrested for a dui but the cop lied about why he pulled me over. Is there anything i can do to get out of it?
I was out drinking last weekend, I had left my car in the bar parking lot which is also shared with the police station. After a night of drinking i drove my car a few blocks to the hotel but after pulling into the parking lot and turning off my car a cop car pulled up behind me and turned on his lights. He told me he had been following me and pulled me over for running over a curb. The next morning i was released from jail and went back to where he said i had run over the curb at, not only could you not see at all where the curb is because of all the snow, there were no tracks going over the curb.He also didn't write on my citation what i blew.Can any of this be used to help me get out of my dui?
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area to represent you, someone who does DUI defense work. Counsel...
Is it at all possible to get my DWI reduced to a reckless driving?
It is my first offense ever. I only blew a .093. I was pulled over by two squad cars for an air freshener on my mirror. They refused to let me see my first PBT test and then made me take another one.
It depends on the prosecutor you work with, but many times they will be willing to allow you to plead to a lesser...
How come I was unable to be seen in court because i was intoxicated, but they let me give a statment?
I couldnt be seen in court because they said i was intoxicated, but they let me give a statment where i felt i was forced to confess to faulse accusations. Wouldnt that make my statment usless. If i recant my statment and give a new one, will the old one still be held against me?
It sounds to me (and I could be wrong since your question does not have every detail) like the judge said you could not...
If pulled over for dui and brought to jail what kinda paper work should they have giving to me
no paper work or ticket was givin to me
Typically arresting police officers will leave the paperwork that they would otherwise give to an arrested person, to...
Should my lawyer have knowen to try and have the implied concent taken off along with the dui??
my dui was lowered to a carless driving but the state still wont give my cdl back,,,,my lawyer said after it was changed from dui to carless i would get it back and that hasent hapened... i think he should have knowen to do both??
If you failed to submit to a breath, blood or urine test at the time of your arrest there was nothing you or your...