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What will happen if I turn myself in and how long will I have to stay in jail
I have a warrant for my arrest for missing court over a DUI with no blood alcohol content and speeding 82 in a 55 and first time getting a DUI
You will be in jail until one of two things happens: You post whatever bond was set, or you serve the maximum amount...
What can i do in my case if he does not admit to his involvement or, if he does but says he was not driving?
Hello, I was involved in a single - car accident. I had been consuming alcohol and my designated driver fled the scene because he claims he was scared. He is denying that he was involved at all and the police officer pretty much laughed at me when i said my driver ran. I was charged with a DUI and a couple of other moving violations. I went back to where the accident took place after i was released from jail and noticed there were not any cameras.
The answer is case specific and the outcome cannot be predicted. I can tell you that I had the exact same situation...
I was given a ticket for underage dui but was not arrested,now what?
I am 19, BAC was .03 and i received a speeding ticket for driving 60 in a 45
After receiving the ticket, you will have a day in court sometime within the next several months. I would recommend...
I got a dui in North Carolina and it was dropped (I used an attorney). Is it still on my record?
I used an attorney and got my DUI dropped. Is it still on my record? I don't want to call and ask because I forgot to ask and I don't want to have to pay because I don't know that it really changes anything.
The arrest may still be on your record. Call the clerk of court where the case was b/c many times by statute if a case...
Can I get an appeal if I have 3 pending dwlr so I can get my license back so I can get to work
License revoked because of old fine from 4 years ago and I didn't pay it
I am sorry, but I just do not understand your question. Do you mean to ask whether you can win an appeal if you file...
.08 DUI in Onslow county, NC
ok so four of us were drinking at my house the other night. Myself, my finance, her friend, and her friends boyfriend. The friend and her boyfriend got into a fight and she started walking down hwy 172 at midnight. The boyfriend left her, so I went to stop her (I drove). About a mile down the road some people stopped wondering if everything was ok. I gave them a quick run down and asked them to call the police because I couldn't control her and needed help. I was finally able to get her to be all to me. We were parked on the side of the road, outside the car, sitting down and talking. I passed the field tests but blew. .08 and .09 Am I screwed?
You should consult with an experienced DWI attorney. These matters can be very complicated and there's a lot at stake.
Left NY while on DUI probation; is there a statue of limitations so that it goes away after awhile?
I got a dui in NY and I got 3 years probation. I served 10 months of it and then I couldnt pay rent so I had to take a buddies offer and move out of state. I know they wont chase me for such a minor crime but will it be "forgotten in time"?
No a probation violation does not go away