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the state of MI denied reinstatement because I take too many meds, didn't follow procedures, which I did but my attorney put my case on the back-burner, I believe, because I moved to FL. she messed up the first hearing, which I don t' want to get into right now. she ignored my case for over 2 years. can I get a hardship license in FL? can I get one in CO if I move there for 90 days. I am slightly disabled with a heart condition and back pain issues. I need to see many doctors on a monthly basis. it's been over 6 years and I need to drive and become independent. I'm 54.
The state of Florida will not allow you to get a drivers license until you clear up any revocations in your home state....
I was convicted of a DUI in August of 1999. I had my license suspended for 6 mos, 9mos probation 50 hours comm service, fines and DUI School given to me. I was placed on VOP within a few weeks because I didn't have enough money at the time and was unemployed, coupled with my limited transportation. I couldn't get to a lot of community service that was required. The community service that was available said that they didn't have anything for me to do, so they would sign off for the limited time I was there. I needed to have at least 10 hours a weeks. I have paid all fines but haven't completed anything else. I recentally was arrested on a warrant back in 2004 for DWLS. I was driving at the time when they arrested me on 052614 because of the warrant. I have a court dateset for 062414.
You'll have to clear your warrant before you can get your license reinstated.
I have a pending DUI case in Jacksonville, FL, USA. My record is completely clean at the moment, and if I am convicted, this will be my first criminal offense. How will a conviction affect my travel to the following countries: Pakistan, UK and UAE?
This question should be asked of an immigration attorney, even if you are a citizen. I don't believe the UK will have...
Hi, I got a DUI n Dec 2013 and was put on probation. The judge told me that if I completed everything ordered that my probation would end. I did. I was trying to get my license back and was told by the NEFSC that I needed to go to a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and he said I needed an 8 week course. For a lot of money of course, I paid him in full and completed all 8 classes (1 per week) and he said that I didn't and needed to pay and attend 2 more classes, I refused, so now he tells me not to come back and he's writing the NEFSC and telling them I didn't comply. Can they put me in jail, I don't care about the license anymore, it's cheaper not to have one in this state, the laws are out of control in this area, what should I do?
You need to produce proof that you paid for and attended the classes. Otherwise, I suggest you retake the two classes...
I got a DUI in 2004 and a second one in 2007. I was recently looking over the second one and realized the cop wrote down I was married. I've never been engaged much less married, also the comments he wrote about me were completely generic as if he had a list he wrote down for every suspected DUI he pulled over. I still don't have a license because I'm afraid of that breathalyzer thing they force you to put in your car for a year. It's not that I would ever consider drinking and driving again but the false positives they give off, What if someone's working on your car and they have been drinking when your miles away from the vehicle? Those things are just dangerous, I'm sure it's been documented they have caused accidents. You can't text and drive, these contraptions are just as bad.
No. None of these reasons would even come close to a legal basis to overturn a conviction. The time to challenge...
I was charged with a DWAI/combined in NY; I moved to FL due to job relocation prior to my conviction and obtained a FL license. After I moved I was convicted in NY and my privileges were revoked for one year. The revocation hit my FL license as well and now FL said I am not eligible for a hardship license since I am revoked in two states. Is there anything that I can do to legally obtain a FL hardship license? It poses a huge burden to get back and forth to work. My BAC was only a 0.07. Please help!
No one can help you in Florida until you rectify your issues in NY. Please hire an attorney licensed in NY and then...
I have the fr conviction from my dui on the license check still, but I have insurance and a tag and title, why am I still unable to get my license back. Is there a paper I can have signed saying im in the class, and will the dmv take that paper and will I be elegible to get my license back after showing proof that I am enrolled in that class?
schedule an appointment at the department of highway safety and motor vehicles with a hearing officer and they will...