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My case is scheduled for a plea/sentencing hearing and I feel that my current attorney isn't representing me as I should be. Is there any ramifications that I could face from the Judge or D.A, such as having my bond revoked, for terminating my present attorneys services and hiring another attorney. I don't want the Judge to think that I am making a mockery of his courtroom.
You should always be allowed to have whatever lawyer you want to represent you be your attorney at any stage of a...
I recieved my 3rd dui and sentence should be 90 days jail. I got caught drinking at a bar and recieved bail jumping. What would the extra punishment likely be?
It will depend on a number of factors, one being whether it is a felony or misdemeanor bail jumping charge. If it is a...
As I approached a green light it changed to yellow and I felt that I couldn't stop in time so I continued through the yellow light. The initial violation was "violate red traffic signal", which was eventually overridden by the DWI. Let's say best case scenario, it is found that the officer had no reason to pull me over initially, does or can this affect my DWI penalties and to what extent?
If there was no basis for the stop then everything that happened after gets thrown out. Contact an experienced DWI...
Another person I know has a letter from his judge waving his iId on his work truck we work for the same company. We both have to have iId on our personal vehicles can anyone help me ?
A letter from the judge would be highly unlikely, and would not serve to exempt any given vehicle from the requirement,...
But I told the cop I was on Fentanyl patch and that is what the DRE officer wrote, I was on a narcotic analgesic, shouldnt he be able to tell the difference? Fentanyl didn't show up in blood only ambien can I metabolize it different than others?
Ambien is a controlled substance, not a restricted controlled substance. Therefore, in order to convict you of OWI,...
not taken in over 18 hrs within ther range said I was diabetic not on insulin they should have done blood sugar. Told DRE officer on fentanyl patch he wrote under the influence of narc analgesic that didnt even show up
You have some interesting facts here. I would suggest contacting an experienced DUI attorney in WI to discuss further....
Daughter in law now driving a non ignition interlocking device car. My son is allowing her to drive his vehicle. She is breaking her probation...but is my son committing a crime letting her, knowingly , drive a non IID vehicle. Greig....Thanks
Whether it's actually illegal or not for your son to allow this, it's still a really bad idea.