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Got a good job was wondering if I could get weekend s don't have the money to get license
For a 5th offense, consider hiring a suspended license attorney. All charges can be fought and alternatives to jail...
The reason they pulled me over is cause disclose of tags and too close to the car In front of me
Up to 11months, 29 days in jail. If revoked for DUI, serious jail time is a real possibility.
i have read under ndr rules that if a person recieves a dui in one state(florida) and tries to get a license in another(tennessee) that the person must forfill the obigations of the home state which would be the state i now live in and am trying to get a drivers license(tennessee). under tennessee laws i would not be required to install a iid devive on any car i drive. florida requires i do install the iid device for two years. i do not own a car at this time and am just trying to figure out how to get a drivers license. please help !
Tennessee will honor the suspension from Florida, and you probably will not get a license until you can comply with...
i just recently discovered that Florida has a "lookback" law that is 10 years on a third dui. i was convicted for a 3rd dui in 2009 and am just now trying to restore my license. my first two dui convictions were in '85 and '87. if i understand this "lookback law correctly i should have been charged with a first dui and if so intend to file a motion for illegal sentence. on a third dui the iid device is mandatory and because i now live in Tennessee it has made it all very difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You need to contact a Florida attorney that is familiar with post-conviction motions. A motion for relief from an...
in april of 2009 i was involved in a fender bender. after an officer illegally searched my car and found my prescription medication he decided to give a field sobriety test which i passed. he then ask if i would submit to a toxicology test and i told him i took my meds daily and so there was no need for the test. he then arrested me for dui and refusal of the test. this was my third dui. my first two were in the 80s.even though i knew i had a great chance of winning, because i was on probation for an unrelated charge i had no choice but to accept a plea agreement. i did a drug program in jail and the judge mitigated my sentence including exclusion of the iid. now the dmv says i must have the iid for two years. i don't understand this because there was absolutely no alcohol involved.
The DMV is totally different than the courts Even though a judge might tell you something about your Dl The DMV makes...
Convicted at trail, delayed for 11 months, attorney wishes to appeal ruling... are you still charged with DUI
Charged? Yes, you will always be charged. Convicted? No, not yet until the appeal is final. The question is will the...
I was charged with a DUI first offense. I had drank a few beer before I left to head back to my house, but decided to wait a couple hours to sober up just in case. Once I left I began to feel kinda dizzy and ended up running off the road and hitting a building. The reason I ran off the road was because of my seizure medicines and I had accidentaly taken too many, forgetting that I had already taken them earlier. The cops gave me a field sobriety test, which I failed, because I could barely stand and was near having a seizure at the time. They gave me a blood alcohol test and eventually took me to jail, where I later had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. The hospital confirmed that the reason I had wrecked was from the seizure medicine. Any chance of getting out of this?
Meet with a practicing experienced criminal defense attorney locally, present and discuss every concern you have. That...