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Can I file a lawsuit?
I went to jail for violation of probation was given two options of flattening the 11/29 or rehab+fines. I was NEVER informed of owing anything after finishing. I had my child was pregnant the time and 6 months of being out receive that I never paid anything so I can't get my license. I've never had my license, have to pay in full. Can't do CNA or anything because of this.
Asker, your question is rather confusing.. not the file the lawsuit but why you want to . I'd repost. That said,...
111/29 sentence on Probation ?
Fail a drug test and a failure to appear?
Your question is not very expansive, but it appears that you are saying that you are on probation for 11/29 and while...
This is the end of 2016. Has it changed any for a 1st time DUI to be expunged?
Need to know if it will benefit me to take the 12 hour class. As of today I am off probation, have in my hand my license unrestricted and Smart Start off my car. The job I quit (vs being fired) requires no DUI for 3 years. Do I have to wait these additional 2 years in this Gawd awful, unintelligent Podunk town/state before I can go back to work? (sorry, I am not in TN because I want to be here)
No, DUIs cannot be expunged in Tennessee. Under current law driving under the influence is one of the specific crimes...
Can I sue for false imprisonment?
I was placed on probation on July 15,2016.I had informed my PO I had smoked 5 days prior to being placed on papers. My levels where 69 on the first test the next month they where 24 and in Sept. the in office test said I failed. I was arrested but the lab reports came back negative.
Look at tab above for find a lawyer hire one to review your paperwork.
Can I get this Dui dismissed?
On a Friday night I allowed a friend to drive me home who told me he had a valid driver license. I had been drinking and turned over my keys to him. Well he went got my car and picked me up and on the way home a state trooper pulled us over. Next thing I know they asked me to step out of my car, put me in hand cuffs and said I was being arrested for consenting to allow a person to drive my car who has suspended license and they gave him a 2nd offense dui. I didn't know his license was suspended and I thought that I was doing the right thing by not driving with drinking. The police officers charged me with DUI no BREATHLYZER nor Blood test was given to me. No test was given to me. I wanted to know if I can get this dismissed considering I thought I was doing the right thing and not drinking and driving. He lied to me saying he had license and sober.... Can I get this DUI dismissed?
You are unlikely to get it dismissed if you represent yourself. Also, if you are your own lawyer the things you say to...
Was arrested for DUI/VOIC in Jan. 2015, I had 2 dui's in 1987. Will this be considered a first offense?
Not charged with any other violation, car was parked and inoperable in a parking lot.
It may be in your best interest to consult with an attorney in person. Use Avvo's Find a Lawyer feature to find a...
Court ordered no alcohol consumption during visits, breathalyzer?
Can I make the do a breathalyzer before sending the kids to ensure sober? also when they drop the kids off to ensure compliance? what are my choices? they were intoxicated when they slapped my child across the face.
I'm not sure what you are asking. Could you provide a little more information?