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DUI and expungement
I was convicted of a DUI 16 years ago with BAC 0.22 completed required counseling and again 7 years ago with a BAC of .10. Will? Will I be able to receive an expungement
No. Under the new DUI laws you can only expunge the first one ONLY if you don't have a second one.
How you can they get a retake for the test or would do they need to talk to about this?
Had relative to take a drug test when they got from their pass. The gave him two test one showed positive and other had a positive and negative, they took pictures for these test, is that allowed. This person never smoked or drinker a day in their life. What can be done for him to have another test done. Or will there be another testing done.
ASker, rephrase as we have no clue what you're speaking of.
How can I get a DUI removed after it's been 3 years?
I'm in the military but a few years ago I was with friends and we had been doing some light drinking but I failed the alcohol breathalizer but I am trying to go active duty and i need this off my record before i can, what are my options?
Not this soon (3 years), unfortunately. However, depending on the facts and whether you meet the eligibility criteria...
I was arrested for a dui on a private parking lot what can I do
I was moving my car out of the parking space and accidentally hit two cars. They pulled me out and gave me a field test I failed
You need to get counsel immediately and not discuss this matter but anyone but your attorney. I know myself and others...
At the time of a dui arrest does a person have the right to request a attorney be present during any field sobriety or chemical
Testing ? And if so what is the sub section law that states this right?
You may request an attorney, which you should do in a situation in which you feel that you are being investigated for...
What is the penalty in Mississippi for refusal to take a breathalyzer out of state.
My daughter, a Mississippi licensed driver, was stopped in South Carolina and arrested for DUI. She refused a breathalyzer. She was convicted of reckless driving and has had her driving privileges in South Carolina suspended for 6 months. She is also enrolled in the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. What, if anything, will Mississippi require or do as a result? Thanks.
Mississippi will honor any suspension SC puts in. You will need a local attorney to help you through this better than...
How do I apply for a hardship license
My license are suspended
Your best bet is to contact DMV. In California, you file an application with DMV for the hardship license. I wouldn't...