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Drug test evidence and protocol?
My husband and I have been charged based on a false positive. We've been ordered to drug test randomly and all tests have been oral. Through random testing I've learned that only the lab and we are to touch the tests. However, the initial tests were performed without following protocol, the person administering the tests touched everything. Can we prove this by ordering a fingerprint test? Will it make the tests inadmissable
I am not sure what you mean by "all tests have been oral". From your question I assume that court ordered drug testing...
Friend got owvi his cpl got suspended is there a way he can get it back soon the the 5 year
Trying to cpl back early from being suspended
Simple answer. Maybe. Your friend's privilege for CPL may possibly be restored but is dependent upon several factors...
How can i get my license back
I lost my license back in 97,98 to a dui an i still don't have my license i got pulled over than its a yr an a another yr every time you get pulled over than 5 yrs after so many tickets i don't drink nor have i in the last 15yrs i just Can't get my license back
Getting your license back is a process, and it's not quick. Every time you drive without a license you are putting...
If the judge that sentenced you,Has a DUI and is on tether.Should they still be able to judge in the court of law?
My childrens father had been sentenced to 120 days for violation of probation.for ten years.But I feel like the judge was rude,and Irate,She spent more time on other cases,but when it came to him She gave him 2 mins .And didn't consider that he has temporary custody of the children .due to my financial status.He's the primary provider.I believe she was judging on a personal basis and not a law basis.Plus she is on tether for a DUI.How can she judge another person if she is a felon.
I am not sure I completely understand everything in your post but I'll do my best to respond. It is not uncommon for...
Can i get my first O.W.I droped completly? if not what might happen?
i blew very high numbers .234 i believe...Also this is my first OWI but i only have a driving permit not a full valid license..i really dont want to wait to have to get my full license is this possible? also would my Auto insurance be raised? what can i expect?
With a .23 your chances are unlikely unless there is a flaw in the initial traffic stop or the test was flawed somehow....
Do I need to plead guilty or not guilty for MIP diversion at arraignment?
After drinking a few drinks I found someone who was sober to drive me home. We were pulled over and as the cop noticed someone other than me was driving my car he knew I was drinking therefore I admitted to drinking and took a PBT and blew a .06. The driver who said she was sober blew a .02 and was arrested for zero tolerance. Even with my guilt my biggest concern is keeping the MIP off my record. Should I plead guilty at arraignment and ask for diversion program consideration or should I plead not guilty and talk to a prosecutor at pre-trail conference? I cannot afford to hire an attorney
Plea not guilty and ask for an attorney.
Do I have to report a first offense DWI to the nursing license board in Michigan? What if I get careless driving instead?
I have no priors except stuff like five over the speed limit I am an RN.
This is a question that requires an extensive consultation. I've represented doctors and nurses with similar issues,...