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What should I do? I was taken for a PI in the state of Ky out of my own driveway. I have had passed PI charges as well as a DUI
All of these charges came from the same police officer. I lost my home to a housefire and had to move into the city. I am also in the methadone clinic and the officer is aware of this because when I was first arrested I was honest and informed them of my prescription meds.I have begged this officer to leave me alone but he seems to enjoy this brutality. He has caused me to not even want to come out of my house or everytime I see a police or police car I go into panic mode. Can someone help me with this?
Getting a public intoxication charge in your own driveway sounds like bs to me, unless you were walking around naked...
Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...
How long do i have to wait for a blood test after a dui
I flipped my van in pendleton ky i was the only one in the wreck ,I blew 0.08 they say my blood is pending ? . I remember notting i had open container i was fully insured it"s my first off , i dont remember any blood been taken i have no needle marks ? i dont know whats going on . What am i looking at
It sounds like you aren't sure whether they drew blood
If if I have a felony DUI can I get my rights to bear arms back?
My felony DUI was in Michigan I live in Kentucky now can I get my rights back to bear arms
Well, i answered your other question. If you have a felony DUI, no, you cannot own, possess, or be around firearms,...
What is the penalty for an employer to falsifying a drug test in order to hire or keep employees?
My husband was fired because he damaged a piece of equipment at work and was drug tested and came up positive for marijuana. The turn over there was horrible because people kept coming up positive for marijuana. They started falsifying drug tests, having a clean person provide a clean sample. Other employees have damaged equipment and property without having to take a drug test. One employee was hired and the drug test was taken for him and he wasn't even present. He feels like he was singled out. Most employees would test positive for marijuana including the Branch Manager
I don't see a crime here. Might have a civil case, but I don't see a crime.
What are the consequeneces for getting caught with three needles and meth
My mother in law was in Richmond n she got charged with a DUI not by alcohol but drugs n they searched her and found meth in vehicle and three needles n her purse how much time with will she get outta that
Best to get local criminal defense counsel involved to best minimize her loss of freedom.
I've been in drug court since Oct 2015 never been in trouble and they are holding me an extra 3 months
I've done this program with no sanctions they say they are holding me because I don't have a ged but I'm on ssid at 100%and I can go back to work and they are working me for free at the city park ...
You can always hire an attorney and see if he she can get your conditions mitigated. Honestly, however, if you are in a...