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Dates: Conditional GC expire 9/2011 arrested 2/26/2011 1st court appearance 4/13/2011 This was my first arrest evere, I hav no prior record. I hired a criminal lawyer. I am traveling to India on 5tha march and back on 7th april before the court date. My lawyer said he talked to the DA, and he said there should not be any problem with my travel. I have a masters degree and work for a US company in NYC. Q1. Can there be a problem in re-admission to US when i fly back. Q2. What should be my course of action with the Case, delay proceeding further so that the my application for removing conditional GC goes through first. Please help.
You want to have your criminal attorney consult with an immigration attorney on this matter. Q1. Can there be a...
i got 4 tickets tail gating fail to stay en lane dui and resisting the breaht test what es goint to hapent to my licens en ny
If you are convicted in NJ, the NJ State MVC will report the conviction to NY. NJ will suspend your driving privileges...
I got into an accident in Queens, New York and my car got wrecked. The person I hit, his car was alright, and left. I was inside the car while my friend took a look at my car outside. Two police officers came out of a train station came over. The car wasn't moving. Fast forward, I blew a .18 BAC. I'm getting charged for DWI and Aggravated DWI. This is my first offense and I don't have any prior convictions. I know since I blew so high and it's an aggravated DWI, I'm just looking maybe reduce it but I just really don't want to do any jail time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
If you can afford to hire an attorney, then you should hire one. If you have a private attorney, they will have more...
I was arrested in 2008 for a DUI which has been closed as a DWIA with attending 6 months of group therapy and fine. The problem is I need to have it brought down to a record that won't affect my immigration, specifically for DACA. What is the process/steps? Has it been done before? What are the chances?
New York does not have the term minor misdemeanor. DWAI (VTL 1192.1) is a traffic infraction and should not effect...
I was arrested Queens NY for a DUI for hitting a parked car while driving my own personal vehicle. I was on prescription meds and my alcohol level was .06 ( below the legal limit which is .08) No one was in the parked car or hurt. I am 63 years old and this is my first offense. Can I plead to a lesser offense?
You can't plead to anything other than the charged offense unless the prosecutor agrees (and the court approves)....
I was convicted of a dui when I was 21. I am now 26 years old. My family has fallen on hard times. I wanted to get a TLC license. Its what my father's done for 25 years. Is it possible that I'll qualify for a license?
I suggest that you contact the TLC and ask them.
Shoul I answer yes or not the case is still pending
Yes, you've been arrested but you haven't been convicted.