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My boyfriend was charged with DUI in TN with 0.05 BAC.
He was pulled over for a light being out on the trailer. He was driving on suspended due to a old ticket he had got a couple mos prior to having a stroke which impaired his memory and ability to stand on the left side. He failed the field test because of that. He has got his license reinstated, proof of insurance, the light fixed and medical paperwork backing his stroke. What is the chances of getting the DUI charge dropped ? He asked for a blood test and the officer refused. He was not read his Miranda rights prior to being arrested or explained what he was being charged with.
I would hope very good unless there is some strong evidence of drug use.
What is the punishment for driving a vehicle without court ordered IID?
My brother in law was arrested for DUI 2nd offense and wasn't driving the vehicle his IID was installed on. In addition to the mandatory punishment for a 2nd offense DUI, what other possible charges and punishment is he looking at?
If his license required the use of an ignition interlock device, then it sounds like he may also be on probation for...
Having Multiple DUI Charges in Tennessee
Hello, I have one DUI conviction in Knoxville, this was about 6 years ago. I have a DUI charge that is currently pending in a near by TN county. That charge occurred about two months ago. A few days ago I was arrested in Knoxville on a DUI charge, and with a charge of inhaling an intoxicating substance or huffing as some would call it. I was not drinking alcohol but, because of the huffing charge the police also charged me with DUI. My question is this... I had thought at one time, that if a person has not been convicted yet, still in pre-trial, on a pending DUI charge, that maybe the most recent DUI charge in Knoxville might be able to be combined with the DUI charge from two months ago and merged into only one DUI charge. Is this possible? If I am convicted of these two most recent DUI charges, making me having a third DUI conviction, would that DUI conviction be a felony? Oh, and I was wearing an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet regarding the DUI charge in the other county, could that nearby county come and re-arrest me because of this latest Knoxville DUI charge. Thank you!!
If both of the DUI's happened in the same county then sometimes the DA will package them together and also provide some...
I was accused of DUI passed blood DUI but on day of court DA said blood was being retested for other substance. Is that legal?
New year's eve headed to work. Driving slow had time drizzle of rain vehicle had front end issues going out at anytime. Trooper pulled over i stopped but not to far over as not to get in mud or rough shoulder with the vehicle the way it was. He ask was i drunk said no. Another trooper pulled up same thing. Third one. Field soberity passed all but standing on 1 leg. It was cold drizzle and no jacket on.
It is common practice to retest the blood sample if the blood alcohol level is below .08 BAC. On the toxicology form,...
What can happen to me if I have a clean record, but charged with a 1st time DUI 2 months after the accident once I go to court?
I flipped my car over in the medium along the interstate I24 Westbound in Smyrna Tennessee on April 2, 2017 because of bright lights shone in my eyes that blurred my vision, and to avoid an 18 wheeler to the right of me. No-one or anything else was involved or hurt, other than myself and my car. I was given a citation to appear in court on June 13, 2017 and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Discharged a few hours later to my best friend who picked me up, the Dr. did tell me that I may be charged with DUI when I appear in court because I had alcohol in my system. He did not say what my level was. I am very afraid! I am an educator who has recently started the process of returning to school to become a child physiologist. Will I have to go to jail, loose my license/have restricted license for work only, have to have one of those breath things in my car,has this damaged my record for the rest of my life that will forever haunt/hurt me? I just read all of those things online. Please help! I am loosing my mind with the thought that I won't know what's going to happen to me until June! I have not read my report, but will supply you with any information so that you may look at it.
You need to consult with an attorney. That being said, I would want to know what the citation you received was for. If...
What happens if you are currently on probation and you just got a DUI?
Currently on probation and I was stopped in Smithville, Tn last night and was arrested for DUI. This is my first offense and where do I start to get help?
You are in violation of your probation for committing another crime and, normally, will be sentenced to some jail time....
During a dui stop where the person refuses to do a field sobriety test, when is the officer obligated to tell the person the
When does the officer have to tell me the consequences of refusing a field sobriety test? I did the eye test, but I refused the other tests the officer wanted me to perform. The officer put me in cuffs. And afterwards he said he was taking me to jail for refusing the test then he mentioned the implied consent law. Doesn't the officer have to tell me the consequences before detaining me?
No and in most states there aren't any consequences to not doing the FSTs.