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How can I get my KY license reinstated 8-9 yrs after a DUI??
my KY license was suspended 8-9 yrs ago for my first offense DUI. I never paid my fines or did any of the stuff they wanted me to do. how can I get my KY license reinstated now??
Hire a criminal defense attorney in your area: www.kacdl.net The attorney will locate the case, redocket it, make a...
Ai and dui
will an AI effect me in getting my drivers licence back its my first ai within 3 years just wondeering if it would efffect me getting my licence back next year thansk
Al (first or second offense) is not a crime in KY, it is a violation. It will not affect your KY drivers license.
At the end of March 2011, a friend of mine was arrested in a gas station parking lot for DUI. He was out of the vehicle and had hung out at the gas station for about 5 hours. He was taking Rx meds. Can he be charged with a DUI? He does have a public defender, but the lawyer stays busy and usually doesn't talk to him when he calls.
Yes, anyone can be charged with anything. The real question is can he be convicted of DUI under the circumstances and...
What do I do next after a drunk driver hit my parked car
A drunk driver who was arrested hit my car and several other cars
Hopefully you can put a claim into your own insurance to effectuate repairs. Otherwise, hopefully the drunk had...
Do I have to take a drug test without legal advise
Cfs want me and my wife to take a drug test we have not talked to our legal adviser my wife is on multiple medications can we say we need to talk to our legal adviser and put off taking the test till we do
Yes you can do that and should reschedule the test if necessary.
Can I still be charged with a second offense DUI in TN if my first DUI was in KY and will be dropped off before i'm convicted?
I was charged almost a year ago of a second offense DUI in TN but my first DUI was in KY and will b dropped off before I am convicted can they still convict me in TN if my first DUI is dropped off my record?
Although I don't practice in TN and their law may be slightly different, the answer to your question is almost...
If a social worker tells you to take a drug test and that it cost $15? Who is responsible for paying the $15 you or them?
A social worker knocked on my door and told me that someone called and said that I was using cocaine. They said I was selling my food stamps in order to buy cocaine. They told me that I need to take the drug test to prove that I'm not on cocaine and that it cost $15 and that I have to pay that. I told them that I do not have $15 right now, and they said that that was on me to pay. I need to find out if they want me to take the drug test and have no proof that I'm on any drugs, am I responsible for the $15 to take it or are they?
This question should really be asked in the family law section of AVVO. It is not really a criminal law question. The...