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How does mississippi county jail time work
My boyfriend got a 2nd dui a dui subsection a and child endangerment do to dui. It's a long story but two separate arrests and they charged him with 2nd dui for both. The second one he made them draw blood and when results came back it was not his blood type. So they took the officers statement that he had his perscription meds in the truck. That's where the sub section a and child endangerment came in. He was hit by a drunk driver and his background was run. They saw his previous dui. So long story short he got 188 days in county jail. Is that how much time he will serve or is it possible he will get out earlier. The website says dec 19. Are all county sentences in ms served to the full last day.
It appears that if the wrong blood was drawn, your bf has a case of getting all charges dismissed. Consult with a MS...
How can I get convicted of a dui when I blew under the limit...I blew a .07...
I was convicted of a horn lake desoto county...I got six months of probation...I also paid twelve hundred dollars on court date...and I also go a ignition lock in my truck along with masep ...VIP..classes and community service..and more money to dish out...
Most states have DUI laws with two parts. The first is called the per se DUI and it means you had an illegal BAC. To...
What will happen in court for suspended license? I have 2 pending cases for DUI and possession in other cities but not convicted
My license is suspended and I had a (non alcohol and non drug related) wreck. I did not hit anybody but had to be transported by ambulance due to my injuries. I have court in Hernando, MS. I am currently waiting to plea guilty to a drug possession and DUI. Would those charges (that I have not been convicted of) affect the judge's ruling?
I strongly suggest you speak to an attorney before making any decisions on pleading guilty
What happens when i get arrested for DUI while already on probation, in two different counties?
In February of this year, i was arrested for using a fake id on the Mississippi gulf coast (hancock county). i was completely sober but the charge still stood. I was given a year of informal probation. Basically the judge said i didn't have to report to an officer or anything, as long as i didn't get in trouble for a year my probation would be over and my record would be expunged. if not my original sentence would stand. Now, in Oxford MS, where i go to college, on the night of April 30/May 1 i was arrested for a DUI. I bailed myself out for a little under 200 dollars and now i am wondering: 1) what do i do next 2) what will my punishments most likely look like in court 3) how will this affect my probation
fairly simple answer. Hire a good attorney in Mississippi. They can hopefully help you on the new charge and see about...
What can happen in court with it being his first offence
My son was driving a friends car and they got pulled over for a busted tail light my son was not read his rights and as far as I know no testing was done but he was put in the cop car and taken to the police station then was released into my custody the charge they gave him was DUI/drugs- vapors.....they were telling me that he was slightly under the influence.
No miranda is required, unless they are going to use statments he made against him.. Your son needs an attorney now
What is the b.a.c for determining public drunk in MS
Research of the law is my concern
There isn't a specific level of intoxication required to convict someone for being drunk in public. Any amount of...
Is there anything I can do to have this order lifted. Thanks you so kindly
I' m trying to obtain my ms state driver license but I have a order from the state of missouri requiring me to install an admission interlock on my car. The dui was recieved in 2001 and the interlock went into effect in 2013. I moved from Kansas city Mo in 2009 because of health reason and wasnt driving and now that im improving, I wasnt aware of this new law. I need excess to driving to various appointments. I also have an elder mother who is also ill and need to get to doctor's appointments. I havn't been unable to work or maitain a job for long period of time so money is very limited.I no longer drink and have attend and complete an alcohol abuse program. I want to repect the rules and policies of driving.
Call a MS. lawyer. In the State of WA, Ignition Interlock Licenses('IIL')are not regulated by the court; they are...