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I never had a FOID card and would like to apply. I have a felony conviction for a Third DUI in 2002. Clean record since.
Drivers license reinstated in 2006. I applied for a FOID card in 2008 and was denied.
Felony convictions generally are a bar to someone looking to get a FOID card. You would need to speak with an attorney...
Can Illinois look at a DUI from a different state under a Missouri license?
My mother has 4 DUIS in Illinois. 2 from 1996, 1 from last year and one recently. They are charging her with an X class felony due to the fact she also has a DUI from Missouri under a Missouri license from the 1990s. Is this legal?
Yes, it is perfectly legal. Your mother needs a lawyer.
What happens in Illinois if I do not complete my DUI Court Monitored DUI Counseling and 40 hrs community service as directed?
My court date is next week and I was tasked to complete 10 hours of DUI counseling and 40 hours of community service. Would I be able to ask for additional time under any circumstance? What are the consequences if I can't prove that I completed the tasks as requested?
First you should contact your attorney for guidance but try and get as much done befoe your court appearance. Good luck.
How do I get my license reinstated after my suspension is up?
I got my dui in 2014, it was dropped to reckless driving. A week before I got the baiid device out of my vehicle my car was in the shop and I got pulled over in a different car with no baiid. My license was suspended until this past Thursday November 30th 2017... now that my suspension is up, and all my counseling and aftercare is done, court fees all paid, no active court cases. How do I go about getting my license reinstated? Do i need an informal or formal hearing? And how long is a dui/ drug evaluation good for? (if I will be needing that for the hearing, I have completed the evaluation) what options do I have? And what are all the illinois state requirements they will have me complete? please help!!!
Although you do not indicate that you had a prior DUI - I suspect that you did since it appears you had a 3-year...
How is it that IL is continuing to deny my mother her license after 1 DUI?
My mother got a DUI around 2009. She received it in Wisconsin but followed IL laws. Never arrested for it or went to any courts. The state of IL suspended her license for a year, required the SR-22 insurance, and required her to do some counseling sessions. All of this was completed but the DMV denied her every time stating that paperwork was incomplete or incorrect. The counseling place that she went to is no longer in business. Will she have to start over?
As I understand WI law any guilty finding is a conviction. There is no benevolent diversion program like our court...
Is it necessary to have lawyer present for formal hearing to apply for full reinstatement of driving license?state of IL
I am currently driving on driving permit only due to my DUI charge from February 2017 and expires February 2018. I have formal hearing scheduled in December 7th, 2017 with secretary of state. I have successfully fulfilled driving for 9 months including BDA device with no issues. Do I truly need a lawyer since I already have all documentation ready to go? This horrible ordeal caused by my action cost me already almost 20k. I am just trying to save some money since this has been going on 8/30/2015, not to mention probation and legal fees
DUI is a very costly crime, and justly so. If you have complied with everything, I think you should be okay doing it...
Entering Canada with prior DUI supervision ?
Had a DUI arrest in 2014, plead guilty, and was put on court supervision. Completed court supervision and not charged in 2015. I was reading the United States and Canada share the same system for background checks entering/leaving for people. I know Canada considers a DUI a felony and they have the right to turn people away at the border. Since I was not convicted and my case is closed, should I worry about this? Would it help contacting a Canadian agency or bringing paperwork? Thanks
Best to contact a Canadian immigration lawyer over this. Locate one at