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Do I have a right to travel without a driver's license freely in a automobile for pleasure not for profits
I got two drunk drivings one in 1999 and the other in 2000. I haven't had a drivers license since then. I thought traveling is a right not a privilege protected by the constitution and a right that can't be taken away. The corporation took it away.
There is a right to travel, but driving is a privilege and not a right. The loss of your license does not take away...
Can a Michigan mechanic who has an BAIID restriction on their license, operate a customer vehical for the purpose of diagnosis?”
I want to hire a mechanic who has a OWI. They currently have an ignition interlock device in their personal vehical. Is there any exception that would allow them to operate vehicals, while on the clock, for the purpose of diagnossis (road testing)?
The answer depends on why the mechanic has the device in his personal vehicle. If it is by order of a court or the...
Owi 2nd after bariatric surgery and varying pbt results. Defense options?
I was pulled over for loud exhaust and seatbelt. The officer told me he had no driving history but smelled alcohol. I passed all but balance sobriety tests (diabetic and don't have good balance) I assume I was border line on the nystigmus test as he performed it 3 times. The pbt result was .082. Because if the diabetes they wanted blood which I submitted to. I asked for a second pbt for my own knowledge at the hospital. The officer agreed and the results were .066. I know blood is often a little higher than breath. I asked for this because I monitored what I was drinking as I made changes in my life and never wanted to repeat the mistakes I made 5 years ago. My blood came back at .102. Have any of you seen this with your bariatric clients before? After official results I will hire a lawye.
It may have nothing to do with your medical conditions but rather a rising blood alcohol content. I'm guessing it was...
I have a bench warrant for failure to appear. Now what?
I was arrested and spent a night in jail for DUI in Marquette mi about 12 years ago. However, I lived out of state and never appeared. I haven't paid my fine nor have I done anything about it. I want to take care of this as my obligation and am wondering whatbincould do to begin?
If you were never arraigned or went to court formally for this then you will have to go through the entire criminal...
I recently got an OWI in Wisconsin, but I am licensed and live in Michigan. What will happen to my MI license?
I recently got an OWI in Wisconsin, but I am licensed and live in Michigan. I received a letter from WI DMV stating that my license is to be suspended for 6 months. Does this apply to my license in Michigan? And if so, how will I know when and for how long it will be suspended for here? I know I can fulfill all probationary requirements in Michigan, but I didn't know what would happen to my license since the suspension is not issued through the state in which I reside and have a license in. I have not been to court yet for this matter.
Chances are Wi will report the OWI to MI, since you are a MI licnesee. Mi will treat it as if the OWI occurred there....
What are the chances of getting a super drunk charge lessened in Michigan ? I blew .018
Arrest for OWI/R&O on 4-13-2012. When I got pulled over I got out and ran , didnt go far . I realized I couldnt get away and stopped. Did not resist at all other than running like a dummy. Blew .018 , live in MI , I am 27. First drunk driving charge. I do have 2 felonies, one for drug and one for money laundering....MIP charges from when I was 16.17.
Too many details would need to be addressed before a satisfactory answer could be given. Rather than add more details...
Can a prosecutor change a misdamenor ticket written by a police officer to a felony charge before going to the arraignment?
I was arrested for owi and r&o charge in the state of michigan. I was pulled over and got out and ran but stopped when i realized I couldnt get away. I did not resist after that and did everything the officers told me to do. The ticket was written for attempted r&o. I was told a day before the arraignment that the prosecutor had changed the charge to a felony.
The short answer is yes. They can dismiss the misdemeanor charge and issue on a warrant.