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  • Have you seen these burglars? Burglary crew caught o...

    Jun 15, 2017 | via San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

    IRWINDALE >> Police are seeking a crew of robbers caught on video smashing their way into an Irwindale seafood restaurant early Thursday before making off with two safes and a cash register, officials said. The break-in involved “as many as six suspects” and took place about 2:50 a.m. at Mariscos Uruapan, 16034 Arrow Highway , Irwindale police officials said in a written statement .


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I got a dui in October and my lawyer has extended the court twice already and have court this coming week. I got stopped and got
A suspended license ticket for court in May. I went and got my restricted after my suspended ticket. What can I do?
Since you're already represented by a lawyer, this question should be directed to him/her. Keep your lawyer updated of...
Ive had two DUI's within the past 5 years and pleaded no contest.
When applying for a new job I get asked this question "Have you ever been convicted of a crime (felony or misdemeanor) other than (1) a marijuana related conviction that occurred more than two years ago; and (2) an offense for which you were referred to, and participated in, any pre-trial or post-trial diversion program?" Shall I answer yes or no?
You could answer no. You were likely placed on probation and therefore didn't have any sort of diversion requirements.
Low Cost Interlock .008, Car still said pass. What happens now?
I was at the dentist 2 days in a row, 1 to fill some cavities, the other to get my cleaning. After leaving both visits I washed with listerine. I blew in my IID and got a .001, the IID said PASS and started. Then on the ride home got a .000... The 2nd day I blew a .008, the device still said pass and started my car. 2 Minutes later I blew .000. I am 1 month away from getting this thing out, I'm wondering what happens now? If it let me pass, is there anything to worry about? I've taken this DUI very seriously and would hate for a dentist visit to compromise my progress.
If it allowed you to start your car, and indicated pass, there should be no problem.
Does an SR-22 apply to 1 vehicle or all vehicles registered in your name?
I received my DMV verdict for a DUI, they are requesting I provide an SR22 to renew my license. I have 2 vehicles registered in my name with a cosigner (Uncle) for both vehicles. His name is displayed on the registration. My wife has horrible credit and she's using one of the vehicles 100% of the time. My question is, will all vehicles registered under my name have to be covered under an SR-22 Policy? Moreover, my current vehicle insurance is under my mother in laws policy which is a great policy at a low cost. Can I sign up for an insurance specializing in DUI's at the lowest cost possible to fulfill the DMV requirements for my personal vehicle and not my wifes? Will this enable me to keep my 2nd (mother in law) policy and not be required to inform them of the SR-22?
Lay all this out to a couple of insurance companies "specializing" in SR22s---
I was assigned a young and newly graduated attorney to handle my DUI case. Should any client be concerned with new attorneys?
I was assigned a young and newly graduated attorney to handle my DUI case. Should any client be concerned with newly graduated attorneys handling a Suspicion of DUI charge (A) or any case for that matter? I am just wondering if I should have gone after experience rather than a hunger to succeed.
If every other thing about two attorneys is the same, experience is better. But, I have yet to meet two people who are...
DUI - is there a difference between entering a guilty plea vs no contest?
In criminal law there is no difference. Both result in a conviction. If you are concerned with civil liability arising...
My friend got a DUI in my car will my insurance be notified? the car was towed and stored and i got it the next day. im in cali
my friend got a DUI in my car and the car was towed. i got the car the next day, will my insurance be notified? will i be charged. im in california
Assuming that your friend did not get in an accident and/or that you didn't know he was going to get drunk before...