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What type of outcome am I looking at?
I was pulled over for not fully yielding at a stop sign, officer immediately asked if I had anything to drink before he even told me why he pulled me over. I admitted to 2- 3 drinks earlier in the night but hadn't had a drink in almost 3 hours. He proceeded to ask me to do a series of sobriety tests- I obliged. He ultimately asked me to take a breathalyzer, before I refused I asked what would happen if I didn't and he said he would write me a ticket and I asked what would happen after that, he said he didn't know. I refused, he wrote me a ticket, for refusing and not fully yielding at the stop sign and let me go. I pleaded not guilty to both and have court next week. Is it a possibility my license will be suspended?
Doesn't sound like you should've received a ticket for the refusal. The roadside breath test is not the actual...
Is it possible to have a DUI expunged ?
I was convicted of a DUI in PA about 2 years ago, but I now live in Buffalo, NY and would like to be able to travel to Canada being so close but I'm afraid I won't be allowed to cross the border, is it possible to have those charges expunged ?
You'll need to ask on a PA forum. The state where the case happened will control
My son caught another drug charge & he had only 2 weeks left in drug court. Will he do time in jail or can they offer probation
Criminal possession of drugs in 4th degree
Technically, since your son was never sentenced on the case he's in drug court for, he is theoretically in the same...
In NYS does the 25 year look back on DWI occur if license is just suspended?
I had a DWAI 20 years ago and a DWI 18 years ago. Earlier this year I got another DWI. Because of my circumstances (work requires license and I have 2 disabled children) - the DA decided to cut me a deal and plead me down to DWAI as long as I complete treatment, the IDP and a Victims Impact Panel - which I fully intend to do. My license is suspended in the meantime. Am I going to have an issue with DMV and the 25 year look back period? I understand the look back is for re-licensing, but because I'm suspended I'm assuming I don't have to re-license?
The DMV regulations/look-back only becomes a factor if you are convicted of a revocable offense (versus a suspension)....
Will I be drug tested in paternity suit?
I am the mother to three year old. i am, for the second time, being taken to court to establish paternity. He never followed through the first time and case was dismissed. He has a crimial and jail record. Has not seen child since a few month after birth. I have used marijuana recreationaly, and have court in a week. I believe he has used more hardcore drugs. Will drug tests be recommended or required by either party, or the judge? If I request he be tested before visiting with my child alone will I also be required to take one?
This is not a dui defense question. Please repost under family law or custody.
How long is urine good for?
This is one of my incidents. My pain management doctor accused of being positive for alcohol! It was a shock to me because I didn't do a urine sample! However I received a bill from the laboratory stating I had a balance! I called and inquired on what date was this "test" the representative stated a date of approximately 2weeks after I was at pain management which made me suspicious because I didn't have a urine sample and yet there was one submitted 2 weeks after my appointment. Ironically enough the results was given to the office on a Sunday the day before my next appointment. This has been a reaccurring issue with this office. I have other issues of false statements about me Documented. I have paper work saying I was tested for particular drugs which I've never taken nor was I ever tested for! I need to know what my rights are in regards to my health. I have a lot of medical issues and the added burden of false information about me has made me think twice about this practice! I do have a paper trail
Is there a reason why you have not changed doctors?
First time i ever got in trouble I plead a dwi to a DWAI I did everything but still owe them money can I go to jail?
I've never been in trouble I got a aggravated DWI which I plead out to a DWAI which I think is a violation I did everything but pay the fine it's been about 7 months can I go to jail? I've been out of work but trying to find a job but have failed as of now...what is the best way to go about resolving this?
If it is for a fine you could be resentenced to jail. You would need to show indecency to try and avoid it. If it is...