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Arrested for DUI drugs / 23152 (e) VC and invalid license / 12500(a) VC. What can I do?
Hello, I was just arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in Irvine,CA. I was on my way to lunch and the officer stopped me because my car registration is out of date. I was asked to show my driver license and he said I should transfer my driver license to CA. Then they found some prescription on the rear seat and I was accused of driving under the influence of drugs. I have never had any alcohol or drug before in my life. And the last time I took any medicine is about a year ago. But still I was taken to the hospital and go through all the drug test(include breath test and blood test) and the officer said there are some impairments that could caused by drugs. I'm completely lost right now.
If in fact you have no drugs or alcohol in your system you have an excellent case just because you possess drugs in...
What happens to a 17 year old with a dui arrest about a month before his 18th birthday?
My son dui and got in a collision. No one got hurt. His bac was .09
It depends on whether he is charged as a juvenile or an adult. Cases for each are treated very differently. Either way,...
Can you travel internationally if you are on informal probation for a dui?
Trying to confirm if permission or travel permit of some sort is required. Informal probation does not specify any travel restrictions.
You are generally not restricted from traveling while on summary probation as long as the host country doesn't mind.
Speeding 10 over on DUI informal probation
Hello. I was pulled over this morning for going 10 over. I am on DUI informal probation, arrested 8/2015 and convinced 3/2016. Is this in violation of my probation or will it just be a fine? Also... Will I qualify for traffic school? The only things on my driving record are the DUI and it didn't involve an accident.
Its just an infraction. You should be ok. You will have to look into it if you may qualify for traffic school. Good luck
Court imposed year suspension of license on top of dmv suspension
I plead guilty to 2nd dui and court imposed a year hard year suspension if my license I assumed he meant the DMV year but I talked to DMV and they said it was court and I need that removed so I can get a suspended license so I can go back to work. What options do I have? My lawyer never said anything about another year tacked on by court. Can I go in myself to rectify the situation?
The court has the authority to suspend your license and, while rarely exercised. appears to have determined that it was...
How long can a stay remain on your temporary license for a DMV hearing? Can it be continued to match the court hearing?
First time DUI, court case is still pending but the stay on my temporary license is ending within the next month. In the event of suspension would like the it to remain aligned as one suspension not two.
You can have the suspension stayed until the outcome of the hearing. If you have a valid reason for an extension, like...
Can I get a restricted license soon
I received a second DUI in Aug 2015 and had a hearing and my license was subsequently suspended on Jan 15 of 2016, I want a restricted license to go back to work but my lawyer dragged the case out and it finally being heard in a week and I am planning on just pleading guilty. I call DMV Mandatory actions unit and they say I have to wait 90 more day to get my restriction, I have a buddys whos friend got a second and as soon as he pled he got an IID, SR-22 and enrolled in class and he now has restricted license. can I do the same
I would encourage you to check with your lawyer about the information you get from Mandatory Actions and confirm the...