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DUI in SC after a wreck. Is it possible to get the charges/penalties reduced? How do I find a lawyer in 3 weeks?
I am a broke college student without a car.
It may be possible to beat the case and/or have the charges and/or penalties reduced. Doing so will require an...
What is my best defense?
I have been charged with a DUI 1st offense. I was parked in a Parking lot with an open container at the time of approach of the police officer. I was asleep. He had the fire department respond to check my vitals. I refused the sobriety test. I was not driving.
If you refused the chemical test to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood you will lose.
I lost DUI in trial( FEB 11.) I Appealed it and I won (July 10) petition for rehearing AUG 22 won....NOW I LOST?????
I have a DUI case that I lost in trial( FEB 11.) I Appealed it and I won in the Court of Appeal and it was Filed ( July 10) THE DECISION WAS REVERSED, so I won.....Then the state filed a petition for rehearing within 14 days ( dated July 24) and they were denied a rehearing from the Court of Appeals. (dated Aug 22) ........Then ( dated Sept 20) They submitted another petition for rehearing per writ of Certiorari which the Supreme Court granted........My question is CAN they really request a regular rehearing and be Denied and if that does not work submit another using Writ of Certiorari and hope the 2nd time works. Also what day do we go by my Appeal decision date win (July 10) or the State date of Denial for rehearing (Aug 22)...Granting 2 requests for a rehearing.. Help me!
Congratulations on winning your appeal in the Court of Appeals. That's not easily done. The State is now requesting the...
1st DUI Nolie Prosequi 2nd won at the motor vehicle hearing. Case is over now Told to play guilty Can I apply again for hearing
I wanted to go to trial because I knew that I would win. Lawyer talked me into pled guilty and I was not given a copy, but I signed some papers. I am a register nursing student and I asked him many times if my case can be expunged if I lost my case, he said yes. On 5/28/ 2015, after signing the paper lawyer gave me a number to call to get information on applying for expunge. As you know their is no expunge on DUI charge, which I didn't know it at the time or I would have went to trial. My case was first at the DUI court in Rock hill, and after my case was over I learned that reason it was moved to York County, General Sessions is because I was charged with 2nd DUI, when my 1st on 2010 was Nolie Prosequi. Discovery video didn't have anything on me, it was only bits hear and their.
I am not licensed in South Carolina, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in SC who also answers...
Information about getting a special provisional driver's license.
1st DUI charge was dropped. After my 2nd DUI, I received from Department of motor vehicles that I cannot drive for 12 months and cannot get a provisional license. I had filed with office of motor vehicle for hearing and won and I was driving with go anywhere driver's license. I am in process of seeing about filing for PCR. My own attorney destroyed my case. I know I will get what I am asking. Even after I win my case I am assuming I cannot apply to the office of motor vehicle hearing again? I am also assuming that both of my DUI charge will stay in my driving record for so many years even if the case was dismissed and I have to wait 12 months and go through programs before getting my license back? In mean time is their anything I could apply to the court, or to the motor hearing?
I am not licensed in South Carolina, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in SC who answers your...
Boyfriend got charged with DUI, he refused to take a breathalyzer, how can you help?
My boyfriend got pulled over for a DUI saturday night. The thing is the officer gave him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes, the only reason why he swerved was because we got food and it spilled and he was trying to clean it up He only had a beer, or two. He passed all the exams, and he refused to take a breathalyzer. The cops arrested him, and suspended his license. Why did the officer givr him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes and then arrest him? Is there anyway we can get out of this? He refused to take a breathalyzer, therefor technically they dont have proof that he was drunk? (The reason why he refused to take a breathalyzer was because there was a St. Pattys celebration in SC and he had drank earlier, but he didnt know how much wouldve still been in his system)
Refusing to take the breathalyzer test was a serious mistake. If you get pulled over on suspicion of a DUI and...
I got into dui accident without insurance. What will i be charged with.
I got into a minor accident. No one was hurt. I was arrested for a dui and later when reporting the claim to my insurance company, discovered my insurance had lapsed. The policy has been reinstated but it is not retroactive for the time of the accident. What can I expect will be the legal repercussions. The court and officer did not realize my insurance had lapsed at the time of arrest. Can I be arrested again when I appear in court as an uninsured motorist? Will I be able to get a provisional license?
You could have additional charges, so best to get a local criminal lawyer on deck now. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer"...